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    Tue Jul 24 17:00:40 2018
    F Franzo83 started the conversation Strange message from C2ISTAR.

    Hi everyone,

    I get a strange message when C2ISTAR gives me a task. The player is a Wipeout and there is an active MACC module.
    This is a link to the photos of what appears on the screen:


    Any suggestions? Thanks!

  2. Mon Jul 23 20:07:58 2018
    F Franzo83 posted in Some questions about MACC.

    Ok, thanks!

  3. Mon Jul 23 15:08:04 2018
    F Franzo83 posted in Some questions about MACC.

    Thanks a lot! So the kind of missions I'm getting are MACC missions? It seems strange that MACC gives me CSAR tasks while I'm an attack chopper.
    And if get rid of the MACC for now, can I still have appropriate tasks assigned as an attack chopper?

  4. Mon Jul 23 14:18:59 2018
    F Franzo83 started the conversation Some questions about MACC.


    I'm new to ArmA 3 mission editing with Alive and I have some questions about MACC module. I'm trying to make a scenario on Tanoa where the player should be a Blackfoot pilot, so I have placed a chopper and synced it to Virtual AI; for the rest, standard OPCOM - placements etc.
    I've also placed the MACC module, setting it to give the player tasks, and the C2IStar for autotasking. Now the questions:

    • It's better to place directly the chopper or let the player be a pilot and place also an empty Blackfoot? Since the wiki suggests to place empty vehicles and let the MACC spawn the pilots.
    • Can a chopper receive tasks from MACC? My starting point is an airbase and I see the wipeouts prepare to take off for CAS, DCA and other stuff, but the player doesn't receive any ATO.
    • Last question, directly related to the previous one: Why I keep getting tasks for infantry (like CSAR, occupy village) instead of ATO missions? It's a conflict between MACC and C2Istar or I've setted something wrong?

    Thank to anyone who will answer!

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