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    Thu Sep 6 16:41:06 2018

    ok, thank you

  2. Thu Sep 6 12:13:51 2018

    As from topic, I've seen that pausing a SP game with Alive show an option called "Alive (single player)" and I was wondering how it differs from "player exit", "server exit" and "save server and exit" in MP games.
    Also I noted in the Alive ingame menu an option to save player state: in single player it saves the whole session or just the player position and condition?


  3. Thu Sep 6 11:52:38 2018

    @marceldev89 ok thanks!

  4. Thu Sep 6 10:00:42 2018

    @marceldev89 ok thanks, so it's working normally? and there is a way to modify the threshold?

  5. Thu Sep 6 07:48:40 2018

    @HeroesandvillainsOS Sorry I've picked the wrong file: here's the correct one:

    correct rpt file

  6. Wed Sep 5 17:09:47 2018

    @HeroesandvillainsOS Here's the .rpt file from yesterday session

    rpt file

    I've also noted that the OPCOM, when issuing orders to the TACOM, in debug mode gives often the message "no groups available".

  7. Tue Sep 4 07:08:08 2018

    @HeroesandvillainsOS sorry where I can find the Alive .rpt file? in the appdata/local Arma 3 folder there are only the Arma .rpt files

  8. Mon Sep 3 13:45:07 2018

    @marceldev89 Did you sync the logistics module to the commander module?

    Yes is synced

    @HeroesandvillainsOS Sounds to me like it’s working perfectly until everything just stops. Might need a rpt file with some Commander debug.

    I will post it as soon as possible

  9. Sat Sep 1 08:39:14 2018
    F Franzo83 started the conversation Question about logistic and reinforcements.

    Hi there,

    as from topic, I have made a simple mission on the whole Tanoa map, with two factions fighting for it; consistence of the troops are 400 armored for each side, with MACC and a few aircrafts each. Now, I've setted logistics with constant reinforcements andan infinite pool but, after 4 hours of play, it seems the situation is static: the factions doesn't move to other objectives and no reinforcements seems to be arrived.
    Is that normal? I have to wait more? Or I've setted something wrong? I've seen that at the enemy base there are a few new vehicles, but I've never seen them on the battlefield.


  10. Mon Jul 23 20:07:58 2018
    F Franzo83 posted in Some questions about MACC.

    Ok, thanks!

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