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    Mon Oct 1 00:07:15 2018

    @HeroesandvillainsOS Pretty sure the correct faction name for RHS should be all lowercase.

    The capitalization is my second attempt at this, my first was "rhs_faction_usmc_d" same result with no players displaying.

  2. Sun Sep 30 03:19:28 2018
    2 20mm4x4 started the conversation C2ISTAR Not Displaying Players in Tasking (RHS?).

    Hello folks, Taking this issue to the forums, Maybe someone here can be some assistance. So my attempt on tasking for the C2ISTAR module I have RHS_FACTION_USMC_D for the BLUFOR Tasking faction in the module and the result is the screenshot. Tasking cannot work because players are not displaying on the list. Now I replace the RHS_FACTION_USMC_D with the standard Arma "BLU_F" and players seem to come up fine. So my issue is how do I make the player list appear if im using RHS_FACTION_USMC_D instead of BLU_F


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