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    Sun Nov 4 04:24:29 2018

    @the-star That worked. Thank you so much :D

  2. Sat Nov 3 20:37:37 2018

    I will have a look at that, cheers @the-star

  3. Fri Nov 2 21:29:17 2018

    So I checked the server logs, and the "ALiVE SYS DATA PNS - Local machine is not the server or local save not available! Exiting..." appeared. I then checked all my modules on the mission in the editor, everything looks good.

    I played the mission on my PC as a hosted multiplayer mission. It appears to save and you see the save message appear on the screen. I FTP the same mission to my server and it stills doesn't save.

    Anyone have any ideas why it wouldn't work on a dedicated server and would work on my PC as a hosted mission?

  4. Fri Nov 2 10:24:03 2018

    Awesome, thanks @SpyderBlack723

  5. Wed Oct 31 05:03:27 2018
    TPM started the conversation [Solved] War Room and Local DB.

    Hey again all,

    I can't seem to locate where I found the information last time, but what I am trying to do is set the mission save file to save locally on the server while still using the war room for all the user profile stats.

    Is there anything special I need to do or can I just set the data module to local and the profile stats will auto upload to the war room?

  6. Wed Oct 31 04:13:07 2018

    This has now been resolved. Our IP was being blocked by However their support centre was very helpful and resolved the issue nice and quickly. Thanks @SavageCDN for your help.

  7. Mon Oct 29 00:15:53 2018

    Thanks Whigital, I will have a look.

  8. Thu Oct 25 22:21:48 2018
    TPM started the conversation [Solved] Auto Save Script.

    Hey all,

    So I have gone over a few post and had a good read of the wiki with regards to the auto save script. It sounds simple enough, just put --> 900 call ALiVE_fnc_AutoSave_PNS into your init.sqf.

    However, this is not working for me. I played on my server for 1.5 hrs, I placed alive markers and spotreps for the test. I restarted the server without manually saving and the script did not seem to work. Below is what is in my init.sqf:

    [] execVM "GREUH\scripts\GREUH_activate.sqf";
    execVM "R3F_LOG\init.sqf";
    if (isServer) then {
    	[] call compileFinal preprocessFileLineNumbers "scripts\server\init_server.sqf";
    900 call ALiVE_fnc_AutoSave_PNS

    Anyone know what I have done wrong?

  9. 4 months ago
    Fri Oct 19 21:12:35 2018
    TPM posted in AI keep spawning.

    Are all the modules set correctly to allow persistence? Have you confirmed that persistence is actually working? Are you saving to the cloud or local database?

  10. Fri Oct 19 21:05:48 2018
    TPM posted in Anizay Indexed.

    @HeroesandvillainsOS The index probably needs to be redone again anyway since he added some villages. @TPM I don’t think there’s a list anywhere aside from the wiki. I guess you can scan our Github source code to see if a map has been indexed. Did you have a specific map in mind?

    Nah, I was just looking for maps that had been indexed to start creating more alive based missions.

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