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    Wed Oct 31 11:46:36 2018
    B barroso posted in Military Air Component.

    @SpyderBlack723 @Tupolov

    Hi Spyder;)!

  2. Fri Oct 26 13:16:03 2018
    B barroso started the conversation Military Air Component.

    So i am on a mission and using Military Air component commander but sometimes this error pops up (attachment). How can i fix it?

    The problem has 2 sides: air component comander was working on another mission i made.
    Now, on a new mission i made, the airplane its just flying in circles above the airport it is stationed in and It does not leave the area (air component is configured to search all map) to go search the map as it was going in the previous mission. ( side 1)

    (side 2) I assume that when it does not spawn the error shows up and i verify that when it spawns it doesnt leave the area it spawned in but also the error does not show up.
    Can someone look at the pic and tell me what it can be?
    I dont know what i did differently but now this message pops up. -image-

  3. Tue Oct 23 16:11:49 2018
    B barroso posted in ALIVE spawn Light Vehicles.

    @BvB Yeah blacklists will ler you stop things fron spawning, but as to what does spawn, it must be existing/mod defined groups.

    There are a few ways to define your own, either with a cfg groups in the desceiption.ext file, mod etc. If description.ext method works with RHS now, it would be the easiest. Sometime back it did not but may have changed. I made my own RHS clone factions with that method. Ill send or post an example if I have the chamce this weekend

    Thanks for the answer.

  4. Tue Oct 23 16:11:26 2018
    B barroso posted in ALIVE spawn Light Vehicles.

    @xetra11 Take a look here: http://alivemod.com/wiki/index.php/Military_Placement_(Military_Objectives )

    At the bottom there is a script snippet to blacklist unit types

    ALiVE_PLACEMENT_CUSTOM_UNITBLACKLIST = ["unitType_1","unitType_2","unitType_3"]; ALiVE_PLACEMENT_CUSTOM_VEHICLEBLACKLIST = ["vehicleType_1","vehicleType_2","vehicleType_3"]; ALiVE_PLACEMENT_CUSTOM_GROUPBLACKLIST = ["groupType_1","groupType_2","groupType_3"];

    Thanks for the answer.

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    Fri Oct 5 14:31:17 2018
    B barroso started the conversation ALIVE spawn Light Vehicles.

    I am on a mission and i want to use only cars. I dont want ALIVE to spawn armored or mechanised.
    I would like that "Rhs vdv" spawns only "GAZ 233014" vehicles, or only all vehicles in the "Rhs Vdv" car class. Not armour or mechanised. ( i set the military placements with custom objectives for motorized units only and it keeps spawning Btr´s (with value "0" on "armour" and "mechanised" in the placed module). Of all the availlable vehicles for "rhs vdv " - motorized, only other GAZ and Ural vehicles spawn and not the ones i would like to or with the frequency.
    I have the idea that BTR´s are not in the armoured class for ALIVE; would be Mechanised but it´s value "0".

    I have come across a situation where, if that "mod/class" (eg: RHs or CUP) does not have a specific category (e.g motorized) the game would look for the "next" or other available class and spawn.
    In this case, the faction in question (Rhs VdV) has what i want, that is a set of vehicles (cars) i would like to be spawned.

    My objective: Help to have only cars/light vehicles spawning., or help with custom blacklists.

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