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    Mon Jun 5 21:49:07 2017
    R R4MP4G3_RE4P3R posted in NAM Map - re-index required?.

    Thanks bud!

  2. Mon Jun 5 20:35:35 2017
    R R4MP4G3_RE4P3R posted in NAM Map - re-index required?.

    Has anyone managed to re-index it? I have tried but it hangs in the final process.

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    Thu Jan 29 15:01:50 2015
    R R4MP4G3_RE4P3R posted in Infinite Loading Screen. This is an issue. .

    November, If you want to try, I may have found a fix. I was having the same exact problem.


  4. Thu Jan 29 14:59:47 2015

    Okay, I see to have figured it out. I linked all of my empty vehicles to the "Alive Virtual AI System" using the "Virtualise all editor units exept synced units", lowered the amount of civilians from medium to low, added a TAOR for blufor units (insurgents still do not have one) and added "disabledAI = true;" to my "description.ext". Try them out and if they work, be sure to let me know!

    I hope this may help some people!
    Cheers, R4MP4G3_RE4P3R

  5. Thu Jan 29 12:13:46 2015

    Thanks for your reply Skadee. I'll verify everything. Also, I was unaware of the intel debug feature, Thanks for letting me know. Maybe something in ALiVE was broken during an A3 update?

  6. Thu Jan 29 09:14:28 2015
    R R4MP4G3_RE4P3R started the conversation Mission not working on dedicated server. [FIXED!!!].

    Alright, I have been working on a customized version of the Insurgency template mission from the alive website. The problem I am facing, is that my mission won't launch on a dedicated server and launches partially on a server made within the arma 3 multiplayer menu. When I try to launch the mission on a dedi, it loads, the map/briefing does not appear and my screen is stuck on the loading screen. However, I can hear myself walking and the ai commands around me. I tried using different missions on the dedi, and they all work.
    When I try to start it on an in-gamer server, the mission launches, I get the map screen and the game starts. The problem is that the Intel (yellow dots) do not spawn, only the red squares. What is wierd is that in the editor, I get no issues. The mission works perfectly as it should!

    I hope someone can help me out.
    Greetings, R4MP4G3_RE4P3R

  7. Thu Jan 29 09:00:38 2015
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