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    Mon Oct 29 23:44:43 2018

    @HeroesandvillainsOS Would you recommend for Hindu Kush fixed version just using custom objectives instead of military?

  2. Mon Oct 29 23:18:25 2018

    @HeroesandvillainsOS Try setting the module to “static” instead of dynamic, and place the ML module right on top of the custom objective module with 999 priority. Also yeah for the sake of testing, try a vanilla faction like BLU_F for now.

    got it working! the custom obj's hq wasnt spawning, so I placed a composition and the hq spawned in it

  3. Mon Oct 29 19:50:36 2018

    @HeroesandvillainsOS You don’t need to have actual “military” objects/objectives on the map for Military Logistics to work. The commander that’s synced to the ML module needs at least one objective on the map. That can even be a custom objective you add yourself with the Custom Objective module.

    I just put down a custom objective and the debug is recognizing it, at 999 priority. Still getting a "no insertion point", could it be my module set up or faction?

  4. Mon Oct 29 19:16:06 2018

    now getting "Error undefined variable in expression: _waittime" after some tweaking of logistics in Tora?

  5. Mon Oct 29 17:45:04 2018

    Hey yall, I put together an ALiVE insurgency on Tora Bora and after a day of testing I figured out that my logistics weren't working (no insertion point error) due to the lack of a military location/base, I attempted to put a building down and index it to categorize it as a military base in hopes of it working but I get nothing but the "problem indexing, now exiting" or whatever error. This also occurred on the fixed version of Hindu Kush, which relies on the original's data but uses a separate pbo, which is probably a lot more tricky to index than Tora.

    Revisiting these old maps, I found them to be some of the best ones I've played on, Tora is amazing for such a mountain heavy map. Hope yall can suggest some solutions or if the real ALiVE ninjas could index for me.

  6. Mon Oct 29 06:57:09 2018
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