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    Thu Nov 1 22:21:32 2018

    Thanks, do u mean the 'init' field, or something else? I've tried this in the init field 'this allowdamage false;' and it works on normal vehicles, but not on the CS modules.

    Fixed, thanks found the 'code' box. Works a treat. thanks.

  2. Sun Oct 28 03:54:27 2018
    F Fish started the conversation [Solved] set 'allowdamage' for a logistics unit.

    Title says it.
    How can I Set the 'Allowdamage' of a transport unit to protect it during flight.

  3. 4 years ago
    Thu Aug 28 00:30:24 2014

    I deleted all the steam Arma3 game content files, and downloaded again. Works fine now.

  4. Wed Aug 27 21:37:43 2014
    F Fish started the conversation Transport and CAS Support not present in 3d world?.

    Hi guys, first post.
    This worked on prior missions, but now they don't show up on those missions. The vehicle callsigns show on the tablet UI, but i can't command them. Neither do they appear. I have updated CBA_A3, and tried with the latest version of Alive. I have also ran an integrity check on the A3 files. If i put CAS, Transport, and Arty modules together, i get 3 schrchers (arty units)!. Don't have any other issues with A3, and have not tried other Alive modules with my current build.

    Any advise welcome.

    BTY Thanks to the Alive team for great mod.

  5. Wed Aug 27 21:27:43 2014
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