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    Thu Jan 23 17:36:12 2020
    A Agent47 posted in Respawning ai.

    As in enemy spawning behind/around friendly forces after clearing an area? (which could be related to cqb module (ie: static/dominant side))

    Or is it the actual replacements/reinforcement insertion point moving? play again with debugs enabled...might help track it down.


  2. Thu Jan 23 17:23:24 2020

    Out of curiosity, did you enable persistence in your placed modules? I believe they are disabled as default.

    I hate to be "that guy" who points to the obvious....but it happened to me and its good to cover all bases :)


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    Mon Jan 7 00:41:12 2019
    A Agent47 posted in New faction ammo woes.

    Think I've solved it.

    Pretty sure its a classnames issue....if these 3cb units get anything other than their original unit classnames then it creates problems. so my final solution (only tested once but it worked) is to create a faction override I created a new test squad within one of the original included faction. Compiled it all as you would on a copy or new faction. voila it showed up, no random ammo-less squad members.

    I believe its just the unit class names that made the difference, I'm guessing the squad/group naming and faction naming will make no difference as long as the units within are classnamed as per the original 3cb mod

    so for now I'll add to the original faction and use it as an override addon.Its a dirty and less than ideal workaround but it works.

    Hope this helps others until a better solution is advised.


  4. Sun Jan 6 15:13:29 2019
    A Agent47 posted in New faction ammo woes.

    Update 2 : Plan 1 of creating a smaller new test faction manually created with one group didn't work. still the same issue. Really stumped now

    Update 1 : I've continued to test and its a strange problem indeed. for example earlier today I placed Infantry sectionA down in the editor hit play and 6/7 of my squad members had no ammo. I accidently hit restart instead of returning to editor, just as well, as I now discover only 3/7 had no ammo. So I hit restart again and again all with different results.

    Completely bloody random lol

    At this stage I'm thinking of trying:

    1. Creating a small and quick test faction with just an infantry group made up with units from 3cb, compiling and then testing if the problem rears its ugly head.
    If this works fine then I would move onto....
    No luck

    2. Loading ORBAT back up and recompile my original effort (maybe something went wrong in the export process)
    3. Redo the faction (It wouldn't take long, only adding a few units, a mech group and armour section)

    As plan 1 didn't work...thought there was no need for 2 n 3 as it relied on the same principle in creation

    or if all fails

    4. Creating the faction from scratch and using my own custom loadouts for each individual unit rather than hoping it inherits loadouts from 3cb mod package. maybe start small to test.

    I'll let you guys know either way just incase someone else stumbles upon this problem.

    Quick question Can we create custom ammo boxes with ORBAT? I see the crate option but where do I paste that information? I googled but couldn't see anything...

    Thanks again,

  5. Fri Jan 4 23:56:38 2019
    A Agent47 started the conversation New faction ammo woes.

    EDIT: Workaround found, created an override. see post 4

    Hi guys,
    First of all, thank you for such an amazing mod.
    I've been a Long time lurker on the forums and most of my queries have topics covering them. However I am stumped...

    I have recently created a BAF faction using 3cb mods as a good foundation and retextured vanilla assets to fill in the blanks in the roster. I managed to export it, pbo it all up and add it to my game, loaded up the editor and the custom faction shows up. great!

    However I placed a group down and hit preview and all my units report low ammo, myself and all subordinate units have only 1 mag which is locked n loaded. I tested most of my infantry groups and they are all the same.

    help lol

    If it helps, my method of creating the faction:

    1. Opened ORBAT
    2. Selected 3cb MTP army faction
    3. Used the copy function ( Was happy with the basic structure)
    4. Added some support units(fuel, ammo etc) , a plane from NATO and a Warrior FV (just a mora retexture)
    5. Added a mechanized group utilising the warrior
    6. Exported full faction and pasted in that autogen thingy
    7. Exported CFG and pasted in the cfg patches (replacing the example text by spyderblack)
    8. Followed instructions to pack it into a .pbo and added as a local mod.

    I assume the fundamentals are correct? or it wouldn't of loaded in the first place so:

    The only thing I could think of is using the 3cb logistic/unit module in the editor with no effect, I'm assuming because its tied to the original faction/classnames? if this is the case, would I have to manually edit the loadouts of each unit and recompile? OR have I missed something really simple? :P


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