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    Thu Feb 27 07:18:10 2020
    P Pyth3rEx posted in Mission not loading.

    So here is an 'update'... still dosn't work.. Here are my latest logs if anyone can find something I'd be gratefull.

  2. Tue Feb 25 10:05:34 2020
    P Pyth3rEx started the conversation Mission not loading.

    So I'm getting an infinite loading screen issue. I setup the mission and everything worked (mission + base alive modules, no placements). When I added both civilian modules and the VAI I got back to the infinite loading screen. Here are the logs and screenshots of both modules I added.

    PS. sorry but I couldn't upload the .txt and images and it was to big for pastebin so I had to upload it on there.

  3. Sun Aug 25 22:38:50 2019

    Somehow fixed it... really don't know how...

  4. Sat Aug 24 20:48:22 2019
    P Pyth3rEx posted in 3 sided war.

    You can have goverment as opfor (invasion), you as bluefor(invasion/occupation), civies as civies and civies as independents (asymetric). Use a little script to chose if independents switch sides or not.

  5. Sat Aug 24 20:43:05 2019
    P Pyth3rEx posted in how to control spawned civilians?.

    I'd like to understand how you can't reconnect because there is a DLC civilian. Can you confirm that this is the issue? Mabe the mission itself has DLC restriction?

  6. Sat Aug 24 20:35:11 2019
    P Pyth3rEx started the conversation Persistence not restoring on restart.

    So for some unknown reason, persistence dosn't seem to want to come back on server restart. Even tough I exited with 'server save and exit', restart the server, everything is restored to mission start. Find attached logs RPT as unbinned mission.sqm


  7. Wed Aug 21 20:34:41 2019
    P Pyth3rEx started the conversation Error spammed in server RPT.

    Hey, so I have this error being looped to infinity on my server's RPT and players stuck in infinite loading. Any idea on how I may fix that?

    File \x\alive\addons\x_lib\functions\data\fnc_hashGet.sqf [ALiVE_fnc_..., line 1912
    ALiVE ATO L ALiVE Modules:35 waiting for OPCOM L ALiVE Modules:29
    ALiVE ATO L ALiVE Modules:36 waiting for OPCOM L ALiVE Modules:30
    Error in expression <!(isnil "_result") then {_result} else {nil};>
       Error position: <nil};>
       Error Undefined behavior: waitUntil returned nil. True or false expected.
  8. 5 years ago
    Tue Jun 25 00:59:38 2019
    P Pyth3rEx posted in TvTvT Assymetric competitive?.

    I'm really confused on what you are asking

  9. Mon Jun 24 21:16:46 2019
    P Pyth3rEx started the conversation [WAR ROOM] No stats on group.

    So after battling to get war room persistence up, I'm noticing that our group is not showing on the world map where I placed it and is not displaying our mission's stats. Anyone able to guide me on how/why that might be?

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