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    Wed Sep 4 11:30:20 2019
    S Somnolent posted in Player persistence not working.

    Hi Dr, thanks again for your help, means a lot. I'd love to check out a mission - I can just replicate and test until it works!

    Then I can use those settings as a template for the future missions once it's worked out :)

  2. Mon Sep 2 16:30:20 2019
    S Somnolent posted in Player persistence not working.

    Hi there, I think that you're referring to the ALiVE player options - I've included my settings here --image-

    So I think that option has been enabled from the start. I appreciate you checking! And to confirm, you're suggesting to keep the new files, and just remove the text you provided from the description file only?

    Thanks again!

  3. Sun Sep 1 15:22:05 2019
    S Somnolent posted in Player persistence not working.

    Hi there Dr.! Sorry for any ambiguity - when I load in, the position is the default starting position, and not the position I moved to - It seems that my player location is not saving, and my gear is also resetting to the default (although from what you said, the gear will not revert anyhow). So is there something that I need to add to make my player load in at the last saved location instead of resetting? :)

  4. Sun Sep 1 14:04:04 2019
    S Somnolent posted in Player persistence not working.

    Hi there. I did some testing on this, adding the code to the top of the init file, and creating the onPlayerKilled.sqf and onPlayerRespawn.sqf files with the code you gave. I then loaded the game, changed my loadout and moved to a new position. Then, I used the ALiVE player save option, and then server save and exit.

    When I rejoined however, I was in the same position, with the prior loadout. Is there something I can provide to help figure out what to do next? Many thanks!

  5. Sun Sep 1 12:49:25 2019
    S Somnolent posted in Player persistence not working.

    Amazing, thank you! I'll try this today and report back. Where is this stuff documented? I thought I'd been thorough with the wiki!

  6. Sat Aug 31 12:38:48 2019
    S Somnolent started the conversation Player persistence not working.

    Hi all! I've had success in getting persistence to work for everything excep player position and gear - both reset to the default. I'm using the War Room, and have enabled persistence on the Data module and Player module. I have the following in my description file:
    respawnOnStart = -1;
    briefing = 1;
    debriefing = 1;
    respawn = 3;
    respawnDelay = 5;
    RespawnDialog = 0;

    In my init file, I have this at the top:

    waituntil {(player getvariable ["alive_sys_player_playerloaded",false])};

    Can anyone help me shed some light on this issue? I'm happy to post my mission, or any logs to assist with resolving!

  7. Tue Aug 27 22:16:25 2019
    S Somnolent started the conversation Help with water crossing!.

    Hello all, I'd be exceedingly grateful if anyone could assist! I want troops to cross the water from a starting island following a fight for the landing, but as they are not virtualised (player in area), there's no way for the armour to cross. Will the arma spawn on the mainland after the fight, or is there any way to simulate them arriving with another placement that I can trigger after the fight?

    Thanks for any help in advance :)

  8. Tue Aug 27 22:10:47 2019
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