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    Sat Oct 19 16:21:59 2019

    Hello there again everyone. Once again (as a super noob) I encountered a problem that I can't seem to find a solution for the last !3 weeks!. My problem is with Military Logistics (ML). When the mission starts on my dedicated server (not extentendly tested SP or Localy hosted) OPCOMs and I can call reinforcements/replacements normally from an infinite (10,000 units) pool. After some time (approximately 30-90 minutes in the game) for an unknown to me reason OPCOMs and players cannot call in reinforcements anymore. I have tried almost all possible combinations (static/dynamic reinforcements, on an airfield as a Mil. Obj., on Custom Obj. with highest priority, I even changed the map(from Kunduz to Tanoa)) but nothing worked for me, ALWAYS the same problem. One thing that I managed to find is that the choppers that get the replacements in, for some unknown reason stay idle over the LZ and they never unload the reinforcements not even when they are profiled (not spawned). Another thing that seems pretty strange to me is that even when the reinforcements seem to work they start from an Idle objective (be it on static or dynamic) when the Wiki says that the Objective MUST be in Reserve. I really do not know what else I can do. Any ideas are welcome.

    Thank you all in advance.

  2. 3 months ago
    Wed Oct 2 22:57:58 2019

    I really like MRH' mods (both of em!) and I also use ADV Medical and KAT advnace medical!

    I also liked a lot the LRG Fundamentals from Mokka and MitchJC (I have already posted it here but for our convinience I re-posting it). Among others, I asked them to add a function that locks 1st person camera when you are on vehicles. (I play 3rd person which I know may be considered corner cheating (but I do not do it... I just like seeing my avatar, not cheating. I change a lot between 1st and 3rd) but in vehicles, it is SUPER cheating and I just wanted to have the fun but the vehicle 3rd person was too much.) and they actually did it in less than an hour!

  3. Wed Oct 2 22:50:38 2019

    Alright then... Problem [SOLVED] :D

  4. Wed Oct 2 22:15:51 2019

    @YonV mate, I believe that the last part of the name that you give on the marker, will set the chopper automatically as it is from the FACTION that the chopper is taken from! Did you tried it out? (I haven't, it is just a speculation!)

  5. Wed Oct 2 22:02:38 2019
    arismagic posted in Roadblock Headaches.

    @UncreatedLemon91 I have the same issue with all my roadblocks! And actually I didn't even know that it was possible to remove them before I read this post! :/

  6. Wed Oct 2 21:36:54 2019
    arismagic posted in Collaborative Mission Development.

    AWESOME... For some reason, I can't send you a friend request on Discord... My Discord is: A. Ares#3160

    EDITED... Probably the spelling was wrong as the first letter was capital!

  7. Wed Oct 2 21:20:08 2019
    arismagic posted in Collaborative Mission Development.

    @diveyez I AM IN!!! Although I am not really good mission maker and pretty new to ALiVE but I want to participate in your project in any way I can!

  8. Wed Oct 2 20:58:36 2019

    @UncreatedLemon91 mate, I LOVE extended jamming... Hope we help a bit with our suggestions... What do you have to suggest?

  9. Sun Sep 29 14:33:23 2019

    @JD_Wang ououfff... All 3 you mentioned are scripts and I cannot script (and it is really hard for me to understand scripting) further than a simple addAction BUT... I will definatelly try the traffic script! Thanks and please keep posting guys...

  10. Sat Sep 28 00:27:23 2019

    Dear @JD_Wang , I have to admit that I didn't know about Guilt and Remembrance and I just downloaded it!

    About some other mods that I tend to use almost always (I suck at scripting so, I tend to... let's say avoid them) are the following:

    Align from LAxemann and joko - don't ask me anything as his (LAxemann's) Mount which actually is not on Steam Workshop (but I can provide a link if you want to try it out!) (and I would like to say here that I do not use non-Steam Workshop mods cause on workshop is super easy to download and set them up! It is just a button!)

    Then is Immerse from LAxemann and joko - don't ask me anything

    Also dzn Extended Jamming from Buzzil which in my opinion adds a lot to the actions you take to clear a jammed weapon and I do not refer only on the actions to clear the actual jam but to the actions that you take BEFORE you start clearing a jam on a weapon!

    Magazine Simulation A3 from Gokmen and Bullet Casings from Hortzy.

    MRHMilSimTools from Mr H. which is a small mod that can give you some really nice options like having the map as an inventory item and not placable in special slot (like what ACRE2 does to radios!) so like this you can open a map in front of you and every one will be able to see your map (something like RL!) and other small things like this!

    LRG Fundamentals from Mokka and MitchJC is another mod that adds some choices for the mission maker like "only characters designated as pilots can fly a chopper or plane!" or they have integrated some scripts like the one that allows every player to "flip" back to normal the vehicles (because... ArmA sometimes is ArmA!!) and other things like these!

    KAT - Advanced Medical from Katalam. Since I found this mod, I integrated in EVERY mission. It gives ACE's already amazing advanced medical system even more depth!

    ADV - ACE Splint from [SeL] Belbo is a really good and usefull (imho) mod that makes it possible to avoid the ACE's PAKs every time that someone has damaged one of his limbs (arms or legs!) with the possibility (depends on the settings that you will choose) to make the splint either permanent or to last only for a while!!!!

    Diwako's ACE Ragdolling from diwako gives also a nice touch to the way enemies and player characters react when they get hit!

    Cinematic Lens Flare from AveryTheKitty gives a nice touch too to the lights!

    Breaching Charge from Ampersand is one my favorites especially on the part that we clear towns from enemies from an AI commander and CQB module!

    I won't even bother to say "ACE", "Enchanced Movement" and other so... Classic that I believe that 99% of ArmA community use these days! Or I won't refer to "Communication Mods"... (I LOVE ACRE2!!)

    (Although I can go on for some 10-15 more mods) You probably can tell by now that I LOVE small mods that gives just a small bit of immersion on its own but all together makes the virtual battlefield and the way you operate (on personal level... not on team level) more intresting and more reallistic (an excelent example is the one that I mention about "extended jamming mod"!). I also love mods that enhance sound and effects like expolions, weapon sounds and soundscapes!

    Hope I didn't get you boring and I gave some things to look for or some "food" for talks!

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