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    Sat Jan 29 14:50:02 2022
    AndreaG97 started the conversation Cham (Winter) ALiVE Index 29/01/2022.

    ALiVE Index for Cham (Winter) by Temppa
    map version: 1.01 (Steam)

    Link: tem_chamw.rar Google Drive download

  2. Tue Jul 13 14:40:22 2021
    AndreaG97 started the conversation Uzbin Valley ALIVE Index 13/07/2021.

    ALiVE index for Uzbin Valley by Max
    map version: 31 mar 2021 (Steam)

    Link: uzbin.rar Google Drive Download

    extract "uzbin" folder and put it into @ALiVE\indexing

    let me know if there are any problems

  3. 4 years ago
    Fri Jan 31 20:25:22 2020
    AndreaG97 started the conversation RHSPKL Index for ALiVE (OUTDATED).


    Put in @ALiVE\indexing

  4. Thu Nov 14 21:26:23 2019
    AndreaG97 started the conversation Summa Winter Index 14/11/2019.

    ALiVE Summa Winter Index
    i used WW2_OBJECTS to make the map work, i don't know if it matters,

  5. Thu Nov 14 21:22:29 2019
    AndreaG97 posted in Ruha Index 07/11/2019.

    @Mannulus I got a error. Not sure what the issue could be:


    Civilians are not spawning as well.

    The specific error line number it references is:

    [_sectorData,"clustersMil",_clustersMil] call ALIVE_fnc_hashSet;

    i updated the link
    this should work my dear friend,

  6. Thu Nov 7 22:41:06 2019
    AndreaG97 posted in Ruha Index 07/11/2019.

    @Legend117 Great job, man! Exactly what I was looking for!

    Thank you kind sir.

  7. Thu Nov 7 22:37:13 2019
    AndreaG97 started the conversation Ruha Index 07/11/2019.

    i did ruha index

  8. Thu Nov 7 22:27:13 2019
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