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    Wed Nov 27 03:01:47 2019

    Hello friends.... Does anyone knows that [God of Monkeys] has been successful with his attempt on this kind of mission or not ? Cause that Idea crossed my mind too....

  2. Mon Nov 25 02:51:58 2019
    N Nomad_ed started the conversation Static Weapons Gunners Persistence.

    Hello Friends ... Thanks for great Mod and Community...
    I was wondering How can I have my static weapons Gunners being Loaded after I load my Local Scenario..?
    cause as far as I tested Groups called with player logistic menu do load but they wont load straightly at their static weapons....
    to be more specific, I need something Like KP liberation FOB loading when every static gunner will load on their exact gunner position.

  3. Sat Nov 23 19:29:55 2019
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