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    Tue Dec 3 08:17:03 2019
    H HonzaVinCZ posted in AI won't recognize player as enemy.

    Edit: This bug is gone when player dies. But anyway it's quite annoying. Any fix for this please?

  2. Tue Dec 3 08:15:40 2019
    H HonzaVinCZ posted in ALiVE crashes dedicated server.

    YonV luckily I have fixed this. The problem was in ALiVE version or that I typed server name into hostname in group. I have downloaded ALiVE 1.11.3 server and client, replaced Steam version and it works just fine now.

  3. Tue Dec 3 07:59:51 2019
    H HonzaVinCZ started the conversation AI won't recognize player as enemy.

    Hey guys, I have some weird bug happening. When player reconnects after longer time, AI won't recognize player as enemy. You can walk around the AI and it will not engage you. I have tried to check if player's side is WEST and it was. Also tried to check simulation and it was on. I have no idea why this is happening. Enemies are IND and EAST. IND is set to be enemy with BLUFOR and friendly with EAST.

  4. Thu Nov 28 16:53:09 2019
    H HonzaVinCZ started the conversation ALiVE crashes dedicated server.

    I'm having some serious problems with running ALiVE on dedicated server hosted by Nitrado.net. I'm sure problems are caused by ALiVE because when I turned @ALiVE and @ALiVEServer off, server was running fine.

    The problem is that when server is started, it is running fine until someone connects. Sometimes server crashes and restarts itself just after client conntects, sometimes after a while.

    Also my server doesn't appear in War Room.

    My ALiVE group server setup:
    link text

    And here is all other stuff I could provide:
    link text

  5. Thu Nov 28 16:05:28 2019
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