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    Thanks I was starting to think that's what they did for #1 with further testing. My scenerio is this, of cast and NATO have gone to war over altos, AAF is caught in the middle of two hostile factions and have moved all remaining forces and assets to main airport in middle of map, objective is to hold airport from both hostile factions as they fight each other while trying to take Airfield for themselves. IND (players);ultimate goal is to fend of first wave of conflict and take and secure surrounding towns to build up forces and counter attack LZ of invading forces. Of course I have more to flesh out but that's the picture

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    Tue Dec 3 16:26:11 2019

    Hello all, I am fairly new to Arma 3's ALiVE mod, I've learned most of the basics and can get troops to be controlled by AI and attack set objectives, but I have a couple requests for help.

    1. I am trying to figure out how to get (or if it's even possible) the AI to capture mil or civ obj's. My intent is to have blufor start at an airport with significant numbers of troops and move out to surrounding towns to neutralize opfor forces and take control of town, meaning blufor forces start to spawn there once opfor has no forces left in TAOR. Idea is to have blufor take town north of deployment zone and take civ objective at the south end of a bridge neutralizing opfor and then push across bridge with no more opfor spawning behind them.
    2. this may be a more standard editor question but I cannot seem to figure out how to get players to respawn as the leader of a new light fire team (with AI under command)
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