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    Thu Jan 16 02:04:34 2020
    V Vernox posted in AliVE Asymmetric Questions..

    I am building an insurgency mission ATM, and have a few questions:

    1. If bribing isn't implemented, is there any way to reduce civ hostility?

    2. If all insurgents die, i.e. No green units on the map and no profiled green units, can the asym opcom still perform tasks like building installations? What I mean is can the insurgens rise again from this kind of defeat, or is the mission essentially over when all insurgents are defeated? Provided there aren't recruitment centres for civs to convert into insurgents.

    3. If civilian hostility is set to extreme, do the players still have a chance to gain intel from them or is it useless to even try?

    4. How does the asym commander decide where to place ambushes? Can players be ambushed, for example when patrolling a main road? Is an ambush significantly different from just stumbling upon enemies on the route?

    5. To add to the previous question, does the asym commander steer the AI groups differently than "normal" commanders? What I mean is when asym groups get into combat, do they try to retreat if the enemy is too strong for them? Do they perform hit & run attacks or raids on occupied towns, or do they just assault objectives normally?

    Thanks to anyone who can answer!

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