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    Thu Jan 30 18:11:19 2020
    K KirbyHCI started the conversation Profiles zero divisior and loitering AI issue.


    The only reference I could find to this issue was a "fixed" problem from a few years ago.

    It seems to happen 90% of the time, except in rare circumstances where it magically fixes itself until I make one tiny unrelated change to the mission.

    It wouldn't be an issue if it was just an error that didn't affect things, but I expect it has something to do with why a large percentage of the profiled units don't move, and when spawned in the AI stand around gormlessly doing nothing.

    I'm using Vcom and custom factions, as well as a few other mods like RHS. My next test is to run without vcom, then totally stock factions, and see if it keeps happening but I thought I should post here for any ideas.

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