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    Thu Feb 27 19:01:30 2020
    U ual002 posted in New SP Local Save.

    Fantastic. In fact, digging deeper since posting that I found mention of this INCON system, not realizing it was the only true solution, I didn't dive into that hole just yet.

  2. Wed Feb 19 04:03:32 2020
    U ual002 posted in New SP Local Save.

    Sorry to necro this thread, but in keeping with the theme of what OP was trying to do... I'm trying to start a session with unarmed AI in my squad and trying to arm them with whatever I can in mission. Generally I think I have everything else figured out, but when I restart, no matter if any of them died in the last session, or if I armed them to the teeth, they show back up on my next session the same way I placed them in the editor before starting the very first session unarmed and plus all the dead back alive.

    Any way to make alive index and process them the same way they process me?

    Maybe ungroup them via the commander stuff before shutting down my SP server?

  3. Tue Feb 4 14:03:00 2020
    U ual002 started the conversation Exporting Crates Data.

    I have been building my own faction over the last week or so to satisfy a desire to make my own faction mod from all the way back in my flashpoint days. I think I understand orbat and much of the copy to clipboard functions, even the export to file one. Everything works out well, I even have my preview images working.

    I am trying to figure out how to export the crates data and paste it into one of the files so that it works. Orbat tells me to paste parts of it in CFGVehicles and the Config. That throws an error for me and another thread on here says put the #DEFINE stuff at the top of CFGvehicles. No more crash but the crates don't show up in the eden editor. Ideas folks? Once I've solved this I want to move on to the static data stuff because I flat out don't understand it or have good examples.

  4. Tue Feb 4 13:57:03 2020
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