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    Fri May 17 17:40:23 2019

    What is your Virtual AI commander set to under "Control Type" ?

    Invasion: an invading commander will prioritise objectives closest to headquarters first (HQ is set at the location of the Military AI Commander module on the map). The commander will only use one or two groups to defend objectives and will focus on securing the next as quickly as possible until all objectives in its TAOR are secured or it runs out of groups to use. This is an aggressive and fast moving strategy but is vulnerable to attacks behind the front line.

    Occupation: in this approach, the AI Commander takes into account a number of factors to determine the relative strategic importance of each objective including distance to HQ, the size and priority set by the Military Placement modules and the height above sea level. It will put a great deal of importance on holding objectives, sending up to 5 defensive groups if a location comes under attack. This is a cautious approach but uses a lot more troops to secure ground and so is vulnerable to attacks on the supply lines.

  2. Mon May 13 11:38:04 2019
    SavageCDN posted in ai spawn numbers.

    There are a few ways to do this.. I'd recommend checking out the ALiVE wiki:
    "Active Limiter" in VAI module

    You can also set the AI spawn numbers in the various placement modules: )

    You can also tweak the numbers in the CQB modules:

  3. 3 weeks ago
    Thu May 2 17:41:57 2019

    Care of @AUTigerGrad

  4. Thu May 2 16:01:42 2019

    Not as of yet.. unless the devs buy copies it will be difficult to get done. Also I hear the configs are not following BIS standards (SHOCKING!!!) so there will need to be some manual work done so that the new factions work 'out of the box'.

  5. Wed May 1 10:59:55 2019

    Civs are getting a lot of dev attention recently... boy are you gonna love the next update!!

  6. 4 weeks ago
    Thu Apr 25 18:28:34 2019

    8:22 PM] marceldev89: just to confirm my "iirc", BattlEye has been causing issues lately correct?
    [8:30 PM] Dedmen: yes. freeze at start
    [8:32 PM] marceldev89: just Linux or globally?
    [8:32 PM] Dedmen: linux
    [8:32 PM] Dedmen: symptoms same as when you reach open file limit

  7. Thu Apr 25 18:23:25 2019

    fu*&^@$*(@&^#($&*ing BattleEye

    We've had some reports of servers not working (since the last A3 updates) and disabling BE fixed it.... other than that I'm not sure. BE doesn't do a lot on the server side of things other than ensure the client is running it. You could try re-installing BE from a fresh download...

    If you run a private server you could leave BE disabled and just run with signature checking... but if it's a public server no BE is suicide!

    BIS forums doesn't seem to have many complaints about BE not working.. sorry can't help much more than that :)

    We've asked the question in the A3 discord channel we'll see if anyone else has a suggestion.

    Just to confirm - your server loads OK with BE running but without @alive running? Can you test loading your mission with BE enabled, @alive enabled and WITHOUT loading @aliveserver?

  8. Thu Apr 25 15:11:57 2019

    OK Marcel's a bit busy today (apparently he works for a living... who knew???) but will take a look by tomorrow. Can you try with BattleEye disabled to see if that works?

    edit: also try removing all missions from the missions folder except the alive one you are testing

  9. Thu Apr 25 12:56:56 2019

    Ok thanks... gonna let Marcel have a go at this as my Linux-Fu is novice at best!

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