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  1. yesterday
    Thu May 24 12:31:47 2018

    Congrats on your first public mission.

  2. Thu May 24 12:29:40 2018
    SavageCDN posted in Hosted server Issue.

    The problem could be with your hosting provider if it works fine running it on your own hardware. Have you tried opening a ticket with them?

    Do you get this error as a pop-up when you join the server or do you just see it in the RPT file?

  3. 2 days ago
    Wed May 23 12:01:02 2018
    SavageCDN posted in Hosted server Issue.

    Either missing or corrupt files in the A3 install on the server or some random BIS error. Try re-installing the A3 server files.. if that doesn't fix it there probably isn't much you can do about it.

  4. 2 weeks ago
    Mon May 7 18:39:13 2018
    SavageCDN posted in Enemy AI helicopter use.

    Sorry apparently my browser is only showing low-res versions of the images.. Heroes confirmed they look OK on his end.

  5. Mon May 7 17:28:26 2018
    SavageCDN posted in Enemy AI helicopter use.

    OMG a proper ticket with screenshots!!

    BTW I could not see your screens they were too low-res to read... can you re-upload higher-res versions or perhaps include the RPT file from your test session?

  6. Mon May 7 17:25:17 2018


  7. 3 weeks ago
    Wed May 2 12:24:57 2018

    Not sure what that is but it doesn't look like the A2 pond bug

  8. 4 weeks ago
    Mon Apr 23 14:28:08 2018
    SavageCDN posted in WarRoom .

    I would ask your server host about this - they may need to do something on their end in order for this to work properly. Point them to the install instructions for @aliveserver.

  9. 6 weeks ago
    Tue Apr 10 11:54:03 2018
    SavageCDN posted in VCom and ALiVE.

    You could use the script version of vCOM (I assume it still exists and is updated) and just add it to your mission(s) instead of loading the mod.

  10. 7 weeks ago
    Wed Apr 4 12:43:13 2018
    SavageCDN posted in CBA Eventhandlers not triggered.

    Thanks added to wiki

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