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  1. 10 hours ago
    Thu Oct 19 13:32:58 2017
    SavageCDN posted in My chopper just would not land....

    hehe.. you got Arma'd

    With the module were you using the same RHS chopper or vanilla?

  2. 2 days ago
    Tue Oct 17 15:52:31 2017
    SavageCDN posted in Curious FPS issue.

    If you are running the dedicated server .exe on the same PC as your A3 client then make sure you assign 2 cores to the server.exe and at least 2 different cores to your client .exe

    You can do this through Task Manager by right-clicking on the .exe in the Process tab

  3. Tue Oct 17 15:13:26 2017

    For more info re: dedicated servers see this link (sorry English only)

  4. last week
    Tue Oct 10 14:29:04 2017

    The wiki states for that exlcusion:

    "add classnames of any additional non-unit and non-vehicle objects to exclude from GC"

    so I'm assuming it just won't work on dead AI. You could work around this by having something nearby that keeps them there.. say an invisible UAV (which ALiVE treats as a player)... although this might mess with your scripts that depend on unit presence.

  5. Tue Oct 10 14:15:58 2017

    Thanks always good to see more ALiVE missions!

  6. 2 weeks ago
    Thu Oct 5 18:47:44 2017
    SavageCDN posted in Having Server Lag.

    @Opendome Sorry for so many questions haha. So in that case using

    900 call ALiVE_fnc_AutoSave_PNS

    would save it to the cloud?

    No there is no auto-save to cloud function - to local DB only.

    Heroes suggestion is a good one - try to strip out most of those mods when building the mission and add them back once things are working.

  7. Thu Oct 5 13:21:51 2017
    SavageCDN posted in Having Server Lag.

    If you have it set to save to cloud and you have a War Room account then yes it should be saved to the cloud.

    That RPT is hard to look at due to all the mod errors (*cough* RHS *cough*). What's the issue you're trying to fix?

  8. Thu Oct 5 13:08:47 2017

    Yes random camps will add to the spawns... might explain the extra groups although over 500 sounds high. If you like post your RPT file to pastebin and link back here for us to look at.

  9. Thu Oct 5 13:05:17 2017
    SavageCDN posted in Isla Duala.

    We'll need to see your server RPT and persistence logs.

    Units spawning at [0,0] could mean a re-index although I don't think there has been an update to Isla Duala since it was done. If for any reason a unit cannot be spawned where intended they spawn at that location... so it could be something else failing like not finding a house position to spawn CQB guys.

  10. Wed Oct 4 13:04:56 2017
    SavageCDN posted in Having Server Lag.

    the ALiVE_fnc_AutoSave_PNS function only works with local persistence.

    This line - ["MyCustomVariable", _value] call ALiVE_fnc_setData is for saving specific variables to the DB (ie: if your mission uses a payment system you could save the player's money to a variable before restarting so they wouldn't loose their money), not for saving the whole mission.

    So yeah just use this line in init:

    900 call ALiVE_fnc_AutoSave_PNS

    Note there will be some desync / lag when saving.

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