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  1. 9 months ago
    Thu Mar 29 02:29:48 2018
    Shizzak posted in Virtual AI Spawner Issue.

    vehicles move when they move to real space with just those mods above. will try with vcom loaded. funny thing is i never had issues with vcom could be the 2.94. If i can find the 2.91 I will try it

  2. Wed Mar 28 05:36:22 2018
    Shizzak started the conversation Virtual AI Spawner Issue.

    this has been happening for years but it looks like no one has posted it. When AI vehicles groups are in virtual space they move to their waypoint. As soon as they enter real space they still have their waypoint but won't move unless i move the waypoint in zeus a bit they will start to move. this only happens to those on enemy team unless they are spawned before they get a waypoint

  3. last year
    Sat Sep 23 02:54:47 2017

    Its been months now since CQB added static weapons as a feature but only for vanilla. When will you guys update it so that custom factions use there own static weapons?

  4. Sat Sep 23 02:53:12 2017
    Shizzak posted in VCom and ALiVE.

    I'm not sure if this is a vcom issue or an alive issue. AI troops are disembarking including the gunner from motorized and mechanized infantry. the VCOM thread didn't have any similiar answers.

  5. Thu May 25 01:57:52 2017
    Shizzak posted in Static Weapons.

    can you post that replacement config file here?

  6. Wed May 24 04:28:49 2017
    Shizzak posted in Static Weapons.

    I've looked everywhere for the staticdata. Is it a folder or a file and where is it

  7. Fri May 19 20:44:45 2017
    Shizzak started the conversation Static Weapons.

    Now i fully understand that units only spawn with vanilla statics but is it possible somewhere in the alive file to change the default static weapons?

  8. Tue May 16 22:00:14 2017
    Shizzak posted in Combat Logistics Issue.

    the thing is that as long as everything was setup correctly i could spawn whatever the faction had. Now i can only spawn the groups but not vehicles, ammo, or fortifications

  9. Sun May 14 02:33:50 2017
    Shizzak posted in Combat Logistics Issue.

    so here's the funny thing. I whitelisted a few vehicles and they only show up. Nothing else. Looks like i'm going to have to whitelist all the vehicles i want

  10. Wed May 3 01:45:37 2017
    Shizzak posted in New Lythium Map.

    when will that be?

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