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    Wed Mar 29 15:59:56 2017

    Also, just a heads up @patpowercat and anyone reading this thread, the repository you linked to isn't supported anymore as each script has been separated into a different package (so you no longer need the incognito script if you just want intel and vice versa). There are some fairly substantial improvements in most of the scripts too.

    Get intel here .

    Get persistence here .

    Get undercover here .

    Get jiggy here .

  2. Wed Mar 29 15:53:10 2017

    Did the script snippet I gave you in the last thread not work?

    Edit: cancel that, it won't work. I'll think of something better.

  3. Wed Mar 29 15:47:11 2017
    I incontinenetia posted in Incognito question.

    Oh and @Nichols thanks for the compliments dude! Just read what you wrote in my last thread. Glad you're enjoying it and keep the feedback coming.

  4. Wed Mar 29 15:45:52 2017

    Haha so.... we all good now?

  5. Wed Mar 29 15:41:51 2017
    I incontinenetia posted in Incognito question.

    It's a bit more complex than just switching back to incognito once you're out of sight of the enemy - but switching uniforms should work as long as you haven't been compromised in that uniform before (and are not in sight of enemy units). Is that not what is happening? If so, could you run debug and / or send a repro mission?

    I've not done any more obvious hints as I wanted to maintain the suspense of going undercover... but I've been thinking about making a UI element or something. I just have to learn how to do UI stuff! May take a while as life has busied up again for the near future.

  6. Sun Feb 26 00:38:38 2017

    Paging @AUTigerGrad (one of the best ALiVE mission makers out there - along with Heroes of course - and did one on Clafghan recently too).

  7. Thu Feb 23 01:30:30 2017

    This would work. Even writing [this,"TanoanHead_A3_03"] remoteExec ["setFace",0] ; in the unit's init box should override your pasty white face (technically the code doesn't need to be remotely executed as per this snippet as the script runs the racial checks locally but it will help with your 'murhsin if you look the same to everyone on a multiplayer server).

  8. Thu Feb 23 01:16:02 2017

    Man I'm shit at reading. So that's just from RHS and Project OPFOR? Don't think I can recall getting it with the same mods running. I thought I read something about that happening on dev branch with ACE3 or something if that resonates?

  9. Thu Feb 23 01:12:29 2017

    There's some weird shit going on...

  10. Thu Feb 23 01:11:22 2017

    No idea how I managed to get it to change, but I suspect it might have just been altering my profile. At any rate, hats, scarfs, glasses all help hide your identity. Plus, if you get busted, they won't remember your face if you have something over it (you'll have to change your clothes too probably). If all else fails, there's a racism scalar in the options so you can turn it down or up or whatever.

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