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    Thu Sep 26 01:27:41 2019

    I could be wrong, but I think mortars were always bugged. This is just a fault of Arma, the true range of artillery batteries is not exposed.

  2. Thu Sep 26 01:26:17 2019
    SpyderBlack723 posted in Hide Military Reports Markers on the Map.

    I think that comes with C2ISTAR, just disable the intel level.

  3. Sat Aug 10 23:19:08 2019
    SpyderBlack723 posted in Capture Markers.

    It's not a direct replacement for the desired functionality, but does using the intel portion of the C2ISTAR tablet not solve this issue? You get a quick overview of where your forces are, where they might be moving, and where known enemy troops are.

  4. Fri Jul 26 04:42:50 2019
    SpyderBlack723 posted in C21Star Blacklisting Tasks.

    You can blacklist tasks, there is a code snippet on our wiki for just that goal.

  5. Fri Jul 26 04:41:42 2019
    SpyderBlack723 posted in Someone use my clan TAG on warRoom.

    @tupolov @marceldev89

  6. Fri Jun 21 04:24:07 2019
    SpyderBlack723 posted in Thanks from [NZF].

    Little behind but I've forwarded this post to Tupolov who did all the civ work this update.

  7. Fri Jun 21 04:19:06 2019

    Any info or help to combat this issue would be amazing.

    Log a ticket on our Github so it doesn't get lost. This should be a priority fix.

  8. Fri Jun 21 04:17:42 2019
    SpyderBlack723 posted in AI Mods.

    VCOM shouldn't result in any save/load time increases beyond standard compilation of mod functions, which is minimal.

  9. Fri Jun 21 04:16:52 2019
    SpyderBlack723 posted in cursorTarget to Profile a Group.

    I haven't seen it done before.

    You would also need to check to see if a profile already exists for the hovered group.

  10. Fri Jun 21 04:15:35 2019

    Our task system can be finicky, and sometimes just broken. We apologize for any inconsistencies.

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