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  1. 3 months ago
    Mon Mar 12 21:48:54 2018

    Yes, if you want enemies to attack civilian objectives you will need to sync the enemy commander module to the civ objective module.

  2. Mon Mar 12 11:22:39 2018

    I have the IED module on and synced to the insurgent commander. I've made sure the module is set up right with the settings, but when I turn the IED debug on nothing shows up. I've assigned the IED to all of the insurgent TAOR's.

    Once the IED module is synced up to the insurgent commander, the debug will not show IEDs (except VBIEDS in my experience. It’s working just fine, but I don’t think the IED module has to be synced to the TAOR’s, only the commander.

  3. Sat Mar 10 16:24:25 2018
    G Guitar18 posted in Problem using ACE IEDs.

    I won't be able to test it until next week but I have not yet tried using the ACE IED's without ALiVE just yet.

  4. Sat Mar 10 11:09:17 2018
    G Guitar18 started the conversation Problem using ACE IEDs.

    Apologies if this has been asked before.

    I turned on third party IEDs in the IED module (which is synced to an Assymetric commander). So whilst testing the mission, I turn on the IED debug and see that only VBIEDs show up. I teleport to said location and discover and handful of IEDs scattered around the village. The problem is these IEDs seem to not blow up. I run over to a truck where the debug said a VBIED has been placed and that exploded just like expected and seemed to work fine.

    Is this an ongoing issue? Or have I done something wrong whilst setting up the module?

  5. Sun Feb 25 21:33:36 2018

    Haven't been able to play Arma for a while but tried this recently and seems to have worked thanks :)

  6. 4 months ago
    Thu Jan 18 21:11:32 2018
    G Guitar18 started the conversation Possible to limit CQB spawns to installations?.

    As the title says, in an asymmetric scenario, is it possible to restrict CQB spawns to just buildings that are being used as installations rather than the whole settlement?

  7. 5 months ago
    Wed Dec 20 11:27:36 2017
    G Guitar18 posted in Placing of ALiVE Modules.

    @HeroesandvillainsOS I usually make it spawn units too (it has 0 by default which you’ll see in the module options).

    Is this still an option? I can't see it in the module options and it would be very useful.

  8. Wed Dec 20 10:07:44 2017

    This would be a random location within the TAOR still right?

  9. 6 months ago
    Tue Dec 12 17:50:01 2017
    G Guitar18 started the conversation CQB Spawning.

    So my issue with the CQB is that whenever I'm in a town or enter a town sometimes even when its occupied by friendly forces, massive amounts of enemy AI spawn in which causes lag and also gets me gunned down without a chance to get to cover. I assume this is due to enemy installations being present in town. I have tried setting the range value higher but still have the same problem. Is there any way I could stop this happening? Another question regarding the CQB is do enemy AI prioritise spawning in buildings being used as installations?

  10. Sat Dec 9 16:07:51 2017
    G Guitar18 started the conversation Do friendly AI remove enemy installations?.

    So I usually play single player, but worry the insurgency will spread too quickly and become uncontrollable. My question is, do friendly AI remove installations when the come across one or capture a town?

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