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  1. 3 months ago
    Wed Dec 20 11:27:36 2017
    G Guitar18 posted in Placing of ALiVE Modules.

    @HeroesandvillainsOS I usually make it spawn units too (it has 0 by default which you’ll see in the module options).

    Is this still an option? I can't see it in the module options and it would be very useful.

  2. Wed Dec 20 10:07:44 2017

    This would be a random location within the TAOR still right?

  3. Tue Dec 12 17:50:01 2017
    G Guitar18 started the conversation CQB Spawning.

    So my issue with the CQB is that whenever I'm in a town or enter a town sometimes even when its occupied by friendly forces, massive amounts of enemy AI spawn in which causes lag and also gets me gunned down without a chance to get to cover. I assume this is due to enemy installations being present in town. I have tried setting the range value higher but still have the same problem. Is there any way I could stop this happening? Another question regarding the CQB is do enemy AI prioritise spawning in buildings being used as installations?

  4. Sat Dec 9 16:07:51 2017
    G Guitar18 started the conversation Do friendly AI remove enemy installations?.

    So I usually play single player, but worry the insurgency will spread too quickly and become uncontrollable. My question is, do friendly AI remove installations when the come across one or capture a town?

  5. 8 months ago
    Fri Jul 14 12:43:46 2017
    G Guitar18 started the conversation CAS Support Help.

    So I've been trying to use the player combat support modules in my missions but one problem I've come across is how can I get an air strike to strike an installation? It seems the CAS will only engage targets but even with enemies nearby, it still doesn't strike. I remember once using the CAS support once and it worked fine, same aircraft and faction too. Does anyone know why this may be?

  6. Fri Jul 14 06:19:07 2017
    G Guitar18 posted in Insurgency/Civilian Questions.

    Looks like they can be quite the nuisance! Also in terms of installations, when a civilian is recruited, does this spawn another insurgent or does this have the civilian carry out a task for the insurgents? I've yet to see a civilian walk into a hq and have witnessed a civ get a suicide belt from an insurgent but not seen any walk into installations and pick up a weapon etc.

  7. Thu Jul 13 20:43:44 2017
    G Guitar18 posted in Insurgency/Civilian Questions.

    So it could be down to hostility? I've never seen civilians try and attack anyone. I've seen a couple of civilians have suicide belts but haven't blown them up or used them to place explosives.

  8. Thu Jul 13 19:29:27 2017
    G Guitar18 posted in Insurgency/Civilian Questions.

    I also have another question. Do the civilian modules need to be synced to the asymmetric commander? I never see civilians sabotaging objectives or walking into recruitment hq's (not sure if this is due to hostility or not)

  9. Thu Jul 13 06:51:45 2017
    G Guitar18 posted in Insurgency/Civilian Questions.

    Ah okay thank you :)

  10. Tue Jul 11 14:54:45 2017
    G Guitar18 started the conversation Insurgency/Civilian Questions.

    So I've been experimenting with the different modules and have a few questions.

    1) How long does it typically take for the asymmetric faction to place IED's when synced? I've heard others saying that it can take a while but so far I've never seen IED'S, Suicide Bombers and VBIED's when synced to the AI Commander.

    2) Civilians. I've noticed that with debug on, sometimes Civilian debugs are yellow as opposed to green. Does this indicate anything special?

    3) Another question regarding civilians. I've seen civilians via the debug have the getWeapon function, but they walk close and never go and pick up a weapon. Is this due to hostility or an error on my part for not setting up the module correctly?

    4) Do AI recognise installations and take them out? I always see installations pop up around the map from time to time. Is this due to AI spotting them and if so, do they have the ability to attack them?

    5) How can I make an insurgency start in one area without creating more placement modules and another TAOR? For example if I have one TAOR, and have an occupation force place units in the military and civilian locations for that TAOR, how can I make an insurgency spawn in one or two civilian locations without placing down another TAOR and placements modules?

    6) When the CQB module is synced to an asymmetric commander, does the CQB spawn AI in areas when the asymmetric force captures the location? Also if the CQB is set to dominant, will the security forces also spawn in CQB locations with the CQB module synced to the asymmetric commander?

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