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  1. 3 years ago
    Thu Jun 11 18:31:52 2020

    try not to index maps until they are completed. The RHS map is far from finished.

  2. Thu Jun 11 18:31:01 2020
    C cbff33 posted in Livonia Index.

    The files have been switched over to PBO from EBO. Has anyone indexed this map yet?

  3. Thu Jun 11 15:03:55 2020
    C cbff33 started the conversation Compatible Map List Update Needed.

    with all the current maps that have been done, when will the alive compatible maps list be updated. It does not seem to be getting the proper attention to detail.

  4. Tue Mar 24 01:19:23 2020
    C cbff33 posted in No action.

    Everything is placed and synced properly. it was working, and then it wasn't

  5. 4 years ago
    Thu Feb 20 20:28:29 2020
    C cbff33 started the conversation No action.

    Anyone else having issues with no factions attacking? Modules are setup, with both factions mil and civ obj modules synced to each Mil AI commander. There just isn't anything happening. I've got about 600 troops for Russia and 400 us troops, on Chenarus 2020 and it's dead. just lots of patrols.

  6. Wed Oct 9 00:51:48 2019

    Maybe you should by asking on the steam forum and the guy that makes those random mission generators. This is for Alive mod.

  7. Sun Sep 15 23:32:41 2019
    C cbff33 posted in Livonia Index.

    Supposedly it takes a number of months for BI to change from ebo to pbo on their new releases. Not sure how long, but it looks like maybe a year long wait for this to happen??

  8. Tue Aug 27 17:48:54 2019
    C cbff33 posted in Opcom installations.

    They will throw rocks at you...at least that much.

  9. Sun Aug 4 03:02:02 2019
    C cbff33 posted in CAS with planes.

    I think this aspect of Alive, fixed wing aircraft for CAS is buggy at best, but not at Alive's doing. I don't think many map creators have fully and properly setup their airports for the AI to use them properly, or the mapmakers make the airport with too many obstacles. The map makers should be setting stuff up in the config, as well as making taxi loops and all that good stuff, but I am sure many have skipped that process as it can be very difficult to do. Arma map making is not the easiest thing to do so people leave out a lot of proper steps on the more difficult tasks, and setting up the airports during map creation can be tricky at best if you don't have much experience with the process. Lythium map makers HORRIBLY screwed up their southern airport with all the concrete barriers along the runway, which that taxiing AI just cannot deal with. The planes always get hung up on the fixed objects place along the runway. The northern airport works pretty good with Alive and using fixed wing for CAS. I've never had much luck getting the takistan southern airport to work hardly at all with alive and the CAS and the AI.

  10. Sun Jul 21 15:51:11 2019
    C cbff33 posted in Blowing up Vehicles.

    This happens when the vehicles spawn on top of fixed objects within the map. It is extremely common.

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