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    Sat Nov 24 10:23:27 2018

    Pretty much correct! The other way of course is to only have one objective in the marker zone for the OPFOR to attack

  2. Wed Oct 17 20:49:02 2018

    Ctrl Right Click to delete the markers. Briefing entries cannot be deleted.

  3. Mon Sep 24 22:13:27 2018

    Military Logistics already has convoys. If the enemy AI Comd has a finite force pool set in the Log module, then ambushing the convoys will eventually reduce his battle casualty replacements to zero. No more BCRs makes the war easier to win. This is one of the key features of ALiVE - you can effect the outcome without directly engaging front line troops. It's the closest we could get to enabling a manoeuverist approach to warfare in a sim that doesn't take into account the human element of fighting power and the AI's "will to fight".

    Finding the convoys takes a bit of intelligence work - you need to figure out the location of the enemy logistics base and forward edge of the battle area (FEBA) then recce potential routes between the two, lay an ambush...and wait.

    For my part, I always wanted a more sophisticated operational layer to ArmA. Most computer games focus on either grand strategy or the tactical layer. Very few simulate what it takes to sustain a modern combat force on operations.

  4. Thu Sep 13 21:38:07 2018

    Set profiling behaviour in the Virtual AI module then sync / don't sync the planes to the module depending on the setting.

  5. Wed Sep 5 18:25:15 2018
    Friznit posted in Spawn Plane Radius Question.

    That's not a bad idea actually. We could potentially add a capability for players to place a "Target" marker over an intended objective which spawns an invisible object that calls ALiVE_spawnSources. That would allow pilots to set an Area of Interest that pre-spawns all ALiVE profiles. Not ideal for general roaming around, but you could sort of pass it off as being realistic ish buy calling it an assigned CAS area for the aircraft. Possible something to hook into ALiVE Advanced Markers. I'll have a chat with the dev monkeys and see if I can get anyone interested enough to code something.

  6. Wed Sep 5 18:16:55 2018

    Bot exterminated.

    Sitreps, Patrolreps and Spotreps (the latter added via ALiVE advanced markers) all leave markers on the map or can be cross referenced to existing advanced markers so other players can follow up. A typical scenario is players conducting a recce patrol. They'll place Spotreps at identified targets, fill in a Sitrep every few hours and a patrolrep at the end of the patrol. Typically I get my patrol commanders to leave a sitrep when they're on a multisession patrol (i.e. they're technically still out on patrol even if they've logged for the night). Patrol reports are sent once they've completed the objective and returned to base. As a mission maker, I use the summary of patrol reports to write orders for the next phase, order in resupplies as required and leave a a bunch of Player Tasks in the mission for the next patrol to pick up. I find this works well because it encourages the players to return to base in good order so they "qualify" for resupply and new missions.

  7. Sun Sep 2 21:15:57 2018

    They're for different use cases and play styles. Map intel is approximate location of friendly forces and any enemy seen so players know roughly where the action is and will work for any setup. C2ISTAR simulates a friendly radio net giving detailed sitreps of what the AI Commander is doing. It needs an AI Commander module to work properly.

  8. Wed Jul 11 17:33:56 2018
    Friznit posted in quick question.


  9. Tue Apr 3 17:07:47 2018

    I run a milsim unit and I agree that mod list is fairly typical. However, I also agree that multiple AI mods shouldn't be necessary. Both mods do similar things with AI and knowsAbout values, and VCOM adds waypoints to simulate flanking attacks etc so one or other should be fine (in fact we use AI mods very rarely anymore).

    ALiVE will typically highlight existing performance issues because you are on average spawning many more AI and stressing the script schedule. Every AI will run multiple scripts - ACE, ASR, VCOM every time they are spawned. ALiVE is spawning/despawning all the time so while it's not the root cause of the problem, taken together with all the other scripts combined it can impact the server.

    Things that you can do include disabling any unnecessary scripts from running on AI that don't need it (you can disable ACE medical for AI, for example); disable VCOM/ASR on groups that don't really need it for your scenario; reduce the spawn range and/or build your mission so that it encourages all sub-units to operate in the same area so fewer AI are spawned at once.

    Incidentally, last time we tried using JSRS it utterly destroyed our server, even though it's technically clientside only. I know LJH has assured us that it should no longer be a problem but we're still on a no soundmod policy from way back.

  10. 6 years ago
    Sun Feb 18 21:44:12 2018
    Friznit posted in VCom and ALiVE.

    VCOM works fine with ALiVE. Since VCOM only applies to units typically within less than 1km, and the ALiVE spawn range is 1500m by default, VCOM kicks in after the units have spawned and carries on as normal.

    What's more likely happening is the ALiVE HC autobalancer breaking the unit KnowsAbout, which VCOM relies on for 'sharing' info on enemy units. Try turning it off and see if you have better luck with VCOM.

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