ALiVE 0.9 Released

  1. 5 years ago


    25 Oct 2014 Administrator

    ALiVE 0.9 Released!

    Consolidate, Simplify, Stabilise, Enhance

    Our goal for this sprint was to review the current state of our code!
    We fixed and stabilised where necessary and ensured that ALiVE remains aligned with our aim to provide an intuitive modular mission framework.

    Feedback from users suggested ALiVE wasn’t as easy to use as we would like, so we have made some changes to how the modules are structured.

    We have renamed and combined several, added guidance to the module “Show Info” tabs as well as the in game Field Manual. Full details are on the wiki.

    Please see the BIF post for full details!

  2. ARJay

    25 Oct 2014 Administrator

    Anyone who has outstanding questions on here, we will try to get to you soon, it's been a hectic few weeks in the lead up to the 0.9 release and MANW competition preperation!


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