Manually place Asym. Installation

  1. 7 years ago

    I'm trying to create a training scenario where the players in my group can be introduced to ALiVE insurgencies in a controlled environment. One area I'm having trouble with, though, is making some installations pop up right where I want them. Is there any way I could manually force an installation (of any type or specific type, doesn't matter) place in-game and have the ALiVE intel point to it as we explore along?

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    There are some examples that I did in this file

    There are some references to other functions in there that I can replace with code later once I'm back to my PC

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    These should hopefully work ok

    Ex. calls

    [_building,_faction] call Spyder_fnc_createInsurgentHQ;
    [cursorTarget,"OPF_F_G"] call Spyder_fnc_createInsurgentHQ;
  4. Thanks for your quick reply, but after tinkering around a bit, I can't quite make out how to utilize these calls. How should they be used?

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    Throw the entirety of that gisthub link into your mission's init.sqf. Once in game, you can look at the desired building and open the debug console and type

    [cursorTarget,"OPF_F"] call Spyder_fnc_createInsurgentHQ;

    changing OPF_F to the faction of the insurgent commander to create an HQ there

  6. Hey Spyder. Tested it, and it throws back an error on init, saying line 4 needs an extra closing bracket.

    '...r) exitWith (_this remoteExecCall [QUOTE|#|(MAINCLASS),2]];
    private ["_opcom","_o...'
    Error Missing ]

    and points to line 4.

  7. Fixed and updated the link

  8. There was another error on line 28. Fixed it.

        if !(([_objective, "HQ", []] call ALiVE_fnc_hashGet) isEqualTo []) exitWith};                   // nearest objective already has an installation


        if !(([_objective, "HQ", []] call ALiVE_fnc_hashGet) isEqualTo []) exitWith{};                   // nearest objective already has an installation

    Note the extra { I placed by the exitWith.

    Okay, now, with that running and giving us zero errors... huh. Doesn't seem to work. I don't know what I could be doing wrong, here. I'm running the code in the init.sqf, pointing at a building and doing exactly as it seems you're suggesting. Yes, the insurgency modules are placed, and I still get the other installations popping up if I leave it up to the ALiVE systems, so I know it's working right on that end, but... yeah, I can't get it to place down. Is there another method I could use? Am I just doing it wrong?

  9. This is the only method unfortunately. I created a slightly different version for a player-led insurgency system that I've long since abandoned.

    Maybe an alternative method for you could be forcing the insurgent commander to spawn objectives at the start of the mission (module option in Mil AI Commander).

  10. Yeah, that does work, but its a shame I can't seem to get a manual placement to cooperate. Oh well. Thanks anyway Spyder! You guys keep up the awesome work!


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