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  1. 6 weeks ago
    Thu Feb 8 03:23:37 2018
    SpyderBlack723 posted in Suicide Bombers/Rogue Agents.

    That doesn't mean they are a suicide bomber though, there are other functions.

  2. Tue Feb 6 19:01:23 2018
    SpyderBlack723 posted in Suicide Bombers/Rogue Agents.

    Suicide vests don't always mean suicide bomber, it's just a convenient way for us to carry items in an invisible vest.

  3. Sun Feb 4 06:40:36 2018
    SpyderBlack723 posted in Combat Tablet for Admin Only.

    It can only be restricted by item, give your admins a way to access a specific item and use that as your lock.

  4. 7 weeks ago
    Fri Feb 2 19:13:15 2018
    SpyderBlack723 posted in ORBAT Creator General FAQ.

    In order to change side, you NEED to create a mod. I've been away from A3 for awhile, but I'm 99% sure that you can't change the side naturally without a mod. The wiki entry will need to be updated, thanks.

    description.ext method is only for changing group compositions.

  5. Mon Jan 29 02:21:28 2018

    just set independent to be be hostile to blufor in the mission settings

  6. 8 weeks ago
    Thu Jan 25 04:08:50 2018

    I believe CS belongs to @marceldev89 ....

  7. 2 months ago
    Sat Jan 20 05:22:47 2018
    SpyderBlack723 posted in CBA Eventhandlers not triggered.

    I doubt it's causing your problem here, but its convention to use a class to separate your eventhandlers by mod

    class Extended_Hit_EventHandlers {
    	class CAManBase {
                class your_mod_name {
    		    hit = "_this call custom_fnc_handleHit;";
  8. Sat Jan 20 03:56:15 2018

    Are you the only one in when this happens? What is your in-game Arma name.

  9. Mon Jan 15 00:51:01 2018
    SpyderBlack723 posted in ORBAT module.

    You cannot remove a faction that is added outside of your mod, otherwise all you need to do is remove it manually via your autogen.hpp file.

  10. Mon Jan 15 00:49:15 2018
    SpyderBlack723 posted in Alive Helicopter Taskings.

    That task has always been very finicky, if another dev continues dynamic tasking work in the future then it may improve.

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