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  1. 17 hours ago
    Thu Aug 17 20:40:43 2017
    SpyderBlack723 posted in ALiVE Insurgency civilians .

    Not possible, civilians belong to their environment. They have homes, vehicles, and routines which are specifically selected.

  2. Thu Aug 17 20:39:15 2017
    SpyderBlack723 posted in ORBAT RHS Turrets.

    You need to edit the vehicle and assign units to each seat.

  3. yesterday
    Wed Aug 16 17:35:57 2017
    SpyderBlack723 posted in Laws of War faction IDAP.

    I tried to persist civilian names awhile back and the command to set a name was very buggy, often not working at all.

  4. Wed Aug 16 17:34:23 2017

    There should be a field in the IED Threat module that allows you to put classnames of custom IED's to be placed. I believe you might also need to switch a "Custom IED's:" toggle from No to Yes.

  5. Wed Aug 16 17:32:50 2017
    SpyderBlack723 posted in Vehicles falling from the sky.

    Fixed in recent build

  6. Wed Aug 16 17:30:06 2017
    SpyderBlack723 posted in Scripting noob needs help.

    Here is a brief example of how to get a list of clusters and access each of their positions. A cluster is essentially just a cluster of civilians, such as a town. Civilians are spawned when their cluster is activated.

    _clusterHash = [ALiVE_clusterHandler,"clusters"] call. ALiVE_fnc_hashGet;
    _clusterPositions = [];
        _clusterPosition = [_x,"center"] call ALiVE_fnc_hashGet;
        _clusterPositions pushback _clusterPosition;
    } foreach (_clusterHash select 2);

    The hostility might not be updating if you aren't executing the code on the server. You can try calling your function like this.

    [parameters to your function>] remoteExecCall ["your function", 2];

  7. Wed Aug 16 17:17:20 2017

    If you have missions for each map loaded on the server (they must both be registered via the server config, which you have done), they should both be available for selection automatically.


  8. Wed Aug 16 17:14:49 2017

    Probably not due to the order of initialization in A3. You would have to manually setvariable the custom values before the modules are initialized.

  9. 2 weeks ago
    Mon Jul 31 07:16:11 2017
    SpyderBlack723 posted in pass init code for CAS vehicles.

    does it work for vehicles spawned by the module (not editor-placed). It should persist through spawn just fine, if not, then something was changed.

  10. Mon Jul 31 07:13:49 2017
    SpyderBlack723 posted in Spawn helo on custom map.

    ALiVE should pick up editor-placed helipads, however, it won't use them exclusively.

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