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    Thu May 6 03:06:32 2021
    SpyderBlack723 posted in Odd issue: OPCOM can't find groups.

    It was more-so likely an issue with OPCOM not having any groups.

  2. Thu May 6 03:01:49 2021
    SpyderBlack723 posted in Adding RHS turrets into Orbatron.

    Need to export CfgPatches, then turrets will work fine.

  3. Thu May 6 02:59:55 2021
    SpyderBlack723 posted in ALIVE not caching/removing compositions?.

    There is a bug that prevents some composition objects from being removed when the composition is deleted. We've logged a bug to look at this.

    I always imagined this stuff would be cached in the Virtual AI System but maybe it doesn't cover compositions?

    This is correct. I'd like to change this, but it would take a considerable amount of time to do this and verify it doesn't cause any issues.

  4. Thu May 6 02:55:18 2021
    SpyderBlack723 posted in VBIEDs always explode.

    There are some informations, the thing is the rego is a closed repo. So no one can really support the alivesystem. Sad Admin Noises

    We've been open source for years. https://github.com/ALiVEOS/ALiVE.OS

  5. Wed May 5 22:47:35 2021

    @Tupolov ?

  6. Fri Oct 9 02:38:27 2020
    SpyderBlack723 posted in C21Star Tasks.

    Can't blacklists task areas atm.

  7. 4 years ago
    Mon Dec 23 10:17:08 2019
    SpyderBlack723 posted in Need help.

    1. You'll have to manually set the custom flag in the generated output.. once it's in the game you'll be able to see it in the ingame gui.

    2. Just generate the output and save as a mod as normal, then load it back up and resume editing whenever.

    3. You probably have a space in one of your unit config names. You can check and fix this manually for now, next update will prevent you from doing this in the future.

  8. Tue Dec 10 04:05:14 2019
    SpyderBlack723 posted in No Optics And Accessories on spawn.

    I'm guessing that mission has scripts that modify equipment.. in which case I don't think there's anything we can do on our end.

  9. Tue Dec 10 04:04:17 2019
    SpyderBlack723 posted in AliVE Asymmetric Questions..


  10. Tue Dec 10 04:00:41 2019
    SpyderBlack723 posted in Someone use my clan TAG on warRoom.

    @marceldev89 ?

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