Stuck on loading screen?

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    If you are using persistence with version 1.2.2 then if you have both roadblocks enabled for OPCOM and composition saving enabled in Database module, you will likely get stuck on the loading screen. You need to disable composition saving and restart your mission with a new name.

    If you are not using OPCOM with roadblocks and composition saving and still having the issue, please run your mission with Database module debug on and post the RPT and ALiVEPlugin.log

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    @Tupolov I'm experiencing this issue, as well as extremely low server FPS. Below in the link there is a download for the mission PBO that I created, the server RPT and Client RPT. I hope we can come to a resolution for this issue.

    RPT Files

    Thank You,
    Jason AKA Punisher
    Commander 6th SOFD-D

  3. Sometimes it loads after 5 mins or so.

  4. Tupolov

    12 Jan 2017 Administrator

    Thanks for the report

  5. no problem. I just wish Arma would release 64bit ASAP to resolve these DX11 Memory crashes.


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