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  1. 6 weeks ago
    Fri Dec 8 11:19:07 2017
    Tupolov posted in Thank you ALiVE TEAM!.

    Thank you @Chewdog! Glad you are enjoying it!

    Seasons Greetings and Merry Xmas to you.

  2. Wed Dec 6 22:53:53 2017
    Tupolov posted in Update change log?.


  3. Wed Dec 6 20:36:07 2017
    Tupolov posted in Update change log?.

    Make sure you have the latest ALiVEClient_x64.dll too. Write to file is 64-bit variant only.

  4. Wed Dec 6 20:26:21 2017
    Tupolov posted in Update change log?.

    It should write to a folder in your Arma 3 directory. Can you give me the RPT with the error please?

  5. Wed Dec 6 20:05:14 2017
    Tupolov posted in ORBAT Creator General FAQ.

    New release has some major new features... Please check it out...

    1. Ability to import ORBATRON factions
    2. Units now work with loadout changes in editor
    3. Ability to write complete config to file
    4. Copy functionality improved.
  6. Wed Dec 6 17:25:07 2017
    Tupolov posted in Compromised Airbase.

    Ensure that your MACC HQ is protected by friendly forces i.e. ensure Friendly OPCOM are nearby.

  7. 3 months ago
    Fri Oct 6 10:30:06 2017

    Real weather covers:


    Here's the wind calc

    // Calculate Wind
        _windDir = parseNumber ([GVAR(REAL_WEATHER),"wdird", random 360] call ALiVE_fnc_hashGet);
        _windSpeed = parseNumber ([GVAR(REAL_WEATHER),"wspdm", 1 + (random 5)] call ALiVE_fnc_hashGet);
        setWind [-_windSpeed * sin(_windDir), -_windSpeed * cos(_windDir), true];
  8. Fri Oct 6 10:25:23 2017
    Tupolov posted in Using Cup Factions.

    Why have you put "CUP_O_RU-" ?

    It should be "CUP_O_RU"

  9. Wed Oct 4 11:10:46 2017

    By default CIVS are considered friendly to side WEST, killing more than 2 CIVS should impact a player's rating where they are attacked by friendly AI.

    We could add something to civ pop module that shows CIV kills in a UI.

  10. Wed Sep 27 10:40:23 2017
    Tupolov posted in ALiVE and UCM.

    ALiVE wasn't really designed with 3rd party integration in mind :( So yes integration isn't the easiest. The mod assumes ALiVE as a base to mission making and 3rd parties can build ALiVE modules using our framework and examples. Not ideal, but that's how its grown up. We've been keen to ensure we work well with mods such as ACE, ACRE etc. No doubt we'll take a different approach for A4!

    1. Spawned AI will be attacked by ALiVE controlled forces, but only if ALiVE forces are spawned. Virtualize your workers if you want them integrated into the virtual battle system. This means if your integrated with ALIVE your system needs to work regardless of whether AI are spawned or not. From a performance perspective, regardless of using ALiVE, this would help scale your worker system to be map wide etc. anyway. We've provided options on how to virtualize your workers.

    2. The persistence system is utilized by each module and you can manage persistence on a per module basis. Persistence is used by most modules - for example profiled AI and vehicles can be saved - but we don't persist spawned AI. Objects and vehicles are persisted if they are moved by players, you can most likely add variables or call functions to store objects/vehicles moved by AI.

    3. Events system, agreed would be good for us to plug into say CBA. Something on our to do list. If you use setData, getData, then you don't need to hook into the persistence/save events. Not sure why you need to use profileNameSpaceLoad. Anything using setData will get saved automatically by ALiVE.

    4. Objectives - priority is probably more important that size. 30 priority means its a medium priority and 200 means its a medium size. See mil_placement modules CfgVehicles settings for this.

    Appreciate the feedback, ALiVE is by no means perfect, we all know that but it meets most of the needs of the current player base.

    Keeps us posted on how it goes and we'll try to answer questions as they come up,

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