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    Thu Aug 17 09:31:28 2017

    You can up the spawn radius for aircraft to 4km and that usually works fine.

  2. 3 days ago
    Mon Aug 14 21:41:23 2017

    There's some new tasks in dev too ;)

    ALIVE_autoGeneratedTasks = ["MilAssault","MilDefence","CivAssault","Assassination","TransportInsertion","DestroyVehicles","DestroyInfantry","SabotageBuilding","InsurgencyPatrol","InsurgencyDestroyAssets","Rescue","CSAR","CAS","DestroyBuilding","OCA"];

    The latest 3 are aimed at flyboys.

  3. last week
    Fri Aug 11 13:42:06 2017
    Tupolov posted in Persistance Problems [SOLVED].

    Great! Thanks for letting us know!

  4. Fri Aug 11 10:50:50 2017
    Tupolov started the conversation 1.3.7 Dev Build.


  5. Fri Aug 11 10:03:43 2017
    Tupolov posted in Laws of War faction IDAP.

    Some good ideas. It should be reasonably straightforward to add in code that reduces civ hostility based on:

    1. IED disarm
    2. Building a fortification / well / something
    3. Placing an AI group in the village on patrol
    4. Clearing CQB positions
    5. Destroying roadblocks (needs a destruct/delete mechanic)
    6. Positive civilian interaction (where is Spyder's addon!?)


    1. Picking up anti-personnel mines
    2. Removing UXO
    3. IDAP resupply of assets in village/town
    4. IDAP personnel placed in village/town
    5. Establish IDAP medical tents.
    6. Dropping friendly leaflets
    7. Displays of force (low flight over civ areas with enemy presence)

    Increasing civ hostility:

    1. Killing civs
    2. Destroying civ buildings
    3. Negative civ interaction
    4. Insurgent installation established in area
    5. IED / Roadblocks


    1. Removal of IDAP assets
    2. Destruction of medical tents
    3. Killing IDAP folks
    4. Dropping cluster bombs near civs
    5. Enemy OPCOM dropping leaflets

    As for Civ behaviour - the civ pop system today very much supports managing their behaviour, so its not a stretch to do the following:

    Civ hostility low:

    1. Crowds / Individuals exit buildings to welcome player groups as they approach town, with anims to wave, salute - might need some ambient crowd sounds such as cheering, clapping etc.
    2. Individuals offer intel on enemy.
    3. Civs spend more time outside
    4. Civs form groups outside conversing
    5. Civs request players to attack enemy positions/groups etc

    Civ hostility high:

    1. Civs throwing stones.
    2. Civs jeering.
    3. Civs staying in houses
    4. Civs avoiding friendlies
    5. No intel
    6. Civs share player positions with enemy / call for enemy to attack

    Just need a developer to pick this up! ;)

  6. Fri Aug 11 09:46:07 2017
    Tupolov posted in Aircraft Can't Take Off.

    The MACC HQ is automatically added as an objective for OPCOM, so that troops are sent to garrison it. Troops in the way are frustrating, maybe we can add a check when setting waypoints that a waypoint is not on or near a runway. Thanks for the feedback!

  7. Thu Aug 10 21:50:07 2017
    Tupolov posted in Aircraft Can't Take Off.

    Which map? Aircraft should taxi and takeoff. The only thing stopping them is a mix of BIS AI and something in the way of the jet. After a period of time the jet will be moved and launched into the air - clearing the runway.

  8. Thu Aug 10 07:21:52 2017

    Are you using a custom military object module? You should be able to place that and populate troops that way. CQB relies on enterable buildings.

  9. Tue Aug 8 09:44:01 2017
    Tupolov posted in Persistance Problems [SOLVED].

    Ok, did you test with Quick Start? Operation Landlord is super old and recommend not using it.

  10. Mon Aug 7 16:32:10 2017
    Tupolov posted in Persistance Problems [SOLVED].

    Join in Progress

    If you get your position and loadout returned fine on exit and reconnect, then this will be fixed properly in next release

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