Personnel Stat Tracking

  1. 11 months ago

    ALiVE stopped tracking my personal stats a week ago for some reason, and I have no idea why.

  2. Can you post the client and if possible the server RPT files from a relevant session?

  3. I can't post anything from the server as I don't have access to it, seeing as how it's a dedicated server used by a community of thousands, but I could post client side stuff. If I knew how to get the RPT files.

  4. The client RPT should be in %appdata%\..\Local\Arma 3.


    These are the two most recent.

  6. Those links don't work properly, you need to share the files with "Copy public link" or something similar.

  7. Edited 11 months ago by SuddenDeath

    Right duh.

  8. None of those RPTs indicate that ALiVE is being used. We need a RPT from an ALiVE session.

  9. That's weird. I guess something changed when they updated the server, cause we don't really run ALiVE sessions so much as we have ALiVE running during our zeused missions.

    Maybe this one though. It's older.

    If there's nothing that can be done then thanks for your help anyways.

  10. Same thing in that file. It seems more likely that you/your group hasn't played an ALiVE mission for a week. :P


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