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  1. 4 days ago
    Sat May 18 15:30:02 2019
    M marceldev89 posted in Changing Groups.

    Just in case:

    [3:15 PM] marceldev89: I've changed the group your profile is associated with
    [3:16 PM] marceldev89: it should report the events properly now
    [3:19 PM] marceldev89: if I did things right ^^

  2. 5 days ago
    Fri May 17 23:31:31 2019
    M marceldev89 posted in Changing Groups.

    I'll take a look tomorrow. Leaving groups has always been a little spotty I believe.

    Of you're on discord, hit me up, it's a bit easier to troubleshoot these things in realtime.

  3. last week
    Mon May 13 21:01:52 2019
    M marceldev89 posted in Getting a map-specific script error.

    It means that there's no staticData file for that terrain yet (e.g. not indexed by us). If you feel like doing that then see http://alivemod.com/wiki/index.php/Map_Indexing . :)

  4. Mon May 13 21:00:48 2019


  5. Sat May 11 20:58:01 2019

    If you feel like testing, try replacing x_lib.pbo with https://www.dropbox.com/s/o2vm29kqatxmd3q/x_lib.pbo?dl=1 .

  6. Sat May 11 20:55:56 2019
    M marceldev89 posted in force size .

    Oh sweet, never got a confirmation on whether it worked or not. :D

  7. Sat May 11 20:46:48 2019

    Hey, fixed in dev. :)

    EDIT: So yeah, our fault. ^^

  8. 3 weeks ago
    Mon Apr 29 19:41:41 2019

    See http://alivemod.com/wiki/index.php/Script_Snippets#Detecting_ALiVE_Events for the basics and then you should be able to listen for the "ASYMM_INSTALLATION_DESTROYED" event. Check the _args parameter for the data that the event has sent. Should be something like [_installationType,_building,_killer]. :)

  9. Mon Apr 29 19:33:06 2019

    Pretty sure this has been talked about before, not sure if there was a solution but searching the forum should give some results.

    EDIT: Can't find it after a quick scan but it should be there somewhere.

  10. Sat Apr 27 14:29:57 2019
    M marceldev89 posted in Carry Objects Issue.

    This has been fixed in dev and should be released soon-ish.

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