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  1. yesterday
    Sun Jul 15 22:23:20 2018

    I'll take a look tomorrow if I can find some time. :)

  2. last week
    Wed Jul 4 20:35:52 2018

    I can't think of anything quick to do that. It's fairly complicated because you can't really say something like "I want to keep track of this specific objective", it's more something like "I want to keep of an objective that's closest to this position" kind of thing.

    There is one thing I can think of and that is using the custom objective module and setting a (unique) name in the "Variable Name" field of the module. For example, you place down 3 custom objectives and name them custom_objective_1, custom_objective_2 and custom_objective_3. You should now theoretically be able to replace

    } forEach ([_opcom, "objectives"] call ALIVE_fnc_OPCOM);


    } [custom_objective_1, custom_objective_2, custom_objective_3];

    and it'll only check those 3 custom objectives. I've got no clue if this works or not but that's the only thing I can come up with at the moment.

    EDIT: Hmm, I don't think that's going to work.

  3. Wed Jul 4 16:18:28 2018

    Hnmm weird. Try replacing

    [_opcom, "objectives"] call ALIVE_fnc_OPCOM


    [_opcom, "objectives"] call ALIVE_fnc_hashGet
  4. 2 weeks ago
    Tue Jul 3 19:44:06 2018

    It probably started before the ALiVE finished starting up.

    You can add

            waitUntil {!(isNil "ALIVE_REQUIRE_INITIALISED")};

    between the "[] spawn {" and "while {true} do {" lines.

  5. Tue Jul 3 15:51:03 2018

    The easiest way to do this without a somewhat proper scripting knowledge is something like this:

    if (isServer) then {
        [] spawn {
            while {true} do {
                    private _opcom = _x;
                    private _opcomSide = [_opcom, "side"] call ALIVE_fnc_hashGet;
                    if (_opcomSide == "WEST") then {
                        private _allObjectivesReserved = true;
                            private _objective = _x;
                            private _objectiveState = [_objective, "tacom_state", "none"] call ALIVE_fnc_hashGet;
                            if (_objectiveState != "reserve") exitWith {
                                _allObjectivesReserved = false;
                        } forEach ([_opcom, "objectives"] call ALIVE_fnc_OPCOM);
                        if (_allObjectivesReserved) then {
                            // end mission here
                } forEach OPCOM_INSTANCES;
                sleep 60;

    Put that in your init.sqf and whenever the WEST OPCOM has "reserved" all of it's objectives it'll run the code inside the "if (_allObjectivesReserved) then {}" block. So you can add your end mission code in there.

    Note that this is untested and probably not the cleanest way to do this but if it works it works. ^^

  6. Tue Jul 3 14:36:44 2018
    M marceldev89 posted in R3F Logistics and ALiVE?.

    R3F logistics persistence should work just fine in most cases. The github issue you linked is more about the usage of -autoInit I believe.

  7. Mon Jul 2 23:17:13 2018
    M marceldev89 posted in Preview images doesn't save.

    Found this on the wiki

    The command will silently fail if your profiles folder is configured to be somewhere else (-profiles parameter), or if your HDR setting is below 16 (configurable in arma3.cfg or medium and above in in-game settings) For full reference on recommended settings consult Eden Editor: Configuring Asset Previews

    The folder structure being generated does indicate that it's doing something. So I guess it's something to do with whatever Komachi is saying.

  8. Mon Jul 2 23:10:21 2018
    M marceldev89 posted in Preview images doesn't save.


  9. Mon Jul 2 23:09:34 2018

    As far as I know, nope.

  10. Mon Jul 2 23:08:10 2018
    M marceldev89 posted in Player Logistics Question.

    You can follow the guide at http://alivemod.com/wiki/index.php/Declaring_Faction_Mappings using this as your static data https://github.com/ALiVEOS/ALiVE.OS/blob/master/addons/main/static/logistics/CFP_B_ILIDF_Logistics.hpp#L44-L48 . Obviously you'll have to change the classes. :)

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