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  1. yesterday
    Tue Jun 27 08:22:54 2017
    M marceldev89 posted in AliVE and Linux.

    What's the problem?

  2. 2 days ago
    Sun Jun 25 23:31:40 2017
    M marceldev89 posted in PLEASE HELP INFINITE LOAD SCREEN.

    The infinite load screen happens because the index for Malden (2035) hasn't been included in the most recent ALiVE release. Next release should have it.

  3. 3 days ago
    Sat Jun 24 19:33:09 2017

    Both RPTs seem to show that it's trying to load @CBA_A3 and @ALiVE twice. Beyond that I don't see anything weird in the RPTs besides some weird characters being written during ACE loading.

  4. 4 days ago
    Fri Jun 23 16:47:09 2017
    M marceldev89 posted in I can not save and keep statistics.

    Make sure that ALiVEPlugIn.so in @aliveserver is named like ALiVEPlugIn.so (not lowercase) because Linux. :)

    If that isn't the problem then make sure that the dependencies are installed properly. You can check this with ldd ALiVEPlugIn.so.

  5. Fri Jun 23 13:55:56 2017
    M marceldev89 posted in Military Air Component Commander.

    I believe that the Military Air Component Commander is an extension to OPCOM so syncing it with just the Military AI Commander should be fine.

  6. Fri Jun 23 11:21:42 2017
    M marceldev89 posted in Map Indexing.

    @Burdy323 Yeah, Leaving Object Categorization on yes in this case doesn't run deWRP, but goes straight into generating sector data

    Can you get the me the RPT file and the log in the indexing folder from a session where it does what you're describing?

  7. Fri Jun 23 11:09:21 2017
    M marceldev89 posted in dedicated server & no war room?.

    1. You'll only need @alive. @aliveserver is only required for war room stuff.

    2. You could put the .pbo files in @alive\addons but it's probably better to put @modtest in A3's root and load it separately in the launcher.

  8. last week
    Mon Jun 19 19:34:07 2017
    M marceldev89 posted in New group data tracking war-room.

    oh I've been "handling" his issues through the BI forums (PMs). Did some fixes in the DBs today and waiting for confirmation if it fixed anything. :)

  9. Sun Jun 18 23:20:50 2017
    M marceldev89 posted in Spawn and sync artillery.

    @jettfiremachine Im editing the liberation mission in an effort to integrate ALiVE combat support module. What Im doing is adding an script to sync the vehicle when you buy it. So far I managed to create and sync units for transport and CAS usign the ALiVE_fnc_combatSupportAdd. However when trying to add an artillery piece, it doesnt work. I looked into the combatSupportAdd function usign the function bowser in game and noticed that the code related to "arty" is commented.
    My question is: is there any special reason for it to be commented?

    My best guess for it being commented out is that it just doesn't work properly.

    @jettfiremachine Since Im actually not allowed to open your code and edit it, even when this is going to be for personal use only, could you guys uncomment those lines and reupload to workshop so I can use it?

    Thanks in advance

    You're free to open, edit, break and whatever else you want to do with everything that's part of ALiVE. You can even get the unpacked source from https://github.com/ALiVEOS/ALiVE.OS . Redistributing your version through the workshop isn't allowed though. Don't know the specifics, I guess @Friznit can chip in on that.

    If you uncommented that ARTY bit and it works in your testing then you can create a pull request on that github page and we'll look in to including that change. :)

  10. Sat Jun 17 09:17:28 2017
    M marceldev89 posted in Map Indexing.

    So it does skip the DeWrp process? Did you set the "Object Categorization" option in the indexing module to enabled?

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