spawning module compositions mid mission

  1. 11 months ago

    Hi guys,

    so i'm very new here and just started playing around with Alive as i really wanted to be able to have one faction begin later in the mission. For example there may be a task that needs completing before the player faction OPCOM begins.

    I had fiddled with the pause commands as posted on this forum without any success and so decided to take a new approach, which (to my great surprise) seems to have worked better than i possibly could have expected.

    Create your Opcom setup and sync to whatever you want (i had an opcom, mil placement with defined TAOR and logistics module) then save this as a composition in eden. When your desired insertion time has approached you can use the composition spawner by Larrow ( ) to spawn the compostion. the OPCOM then creates the objectives and spawns soldiers mid way through the mission!

    if you have given your opcom a variable name you can then sync this to enemy modules you wish to attack using the synchronizeObjectsAdd command ( ).

    now i must point out i have only just tried this and got excited so thought i would post here if anyone is interested, but im sure there will be bugs to come with this method. Below is the code i had in my init to test this, blu_f opcom spawns 120 seconds after Alive initialises.

    hint "start";
    waitUntil {sleep 120;!isNil "ALIVE_profileSystemInit"};
    hint "go";
    _compReference = [ "aliveModules", getMarkerPos "marker_2", [ 0, 0, 0 ], 0, false, true ] call LARs_fnc_spawnComp;
    _myObjectInstance = missionNamespace getVariable ["spawnedOP" , objNull];
    _enemyObjectInstance = missionNamespace getVariable ["enemyOP" , objNull];
    _myObjectInstance synchronizeObjectsAdd [_enemyObjectInstance];
    hint "done";

    I am going to see if this will work with triggers.


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