Air Commander and AI Commander HQ /Asset placement

  1. last year

    I love your Mod but I'm coming up against some persistent problems with how assets are getting placed;
    These problems have happened on various maps including Altis, Stratis and Tanoa.
    The only other mods running is Eden enhanced and CBA. I obtained Alive ( with CBA) via the steam workshop.

    AIR and AI Commander issues
    1) The Air commander module when placing AIR HQ invariably seems to place this in inappropriate locations. Often interfering with aircraft use of airport taxi ways or half in and out of other buildings or blocking aircraft that have spawned in hangers. Similar odd placement issues happen with the AI commander.
    HQs sometimes are often placed in very poor locations and nowhere near the module.

    2) Vehicles spawned by the Military Objective module often are spawned in the air, or at inappropriate locations resulting in them blowing up.

    3) Ammo boxes supposed to be spawned with the modules but don't, or sometimes they do but they seem to blow up straight away ( presumably spawned in the middle of a wall or something similar as I see small explosions as the HQ is spawned)

    I'm getting other errors reported by the mod on a fairly regular basis but I will report these separately.

    Any advice? Have others encountered these problems?

  2. Tupolov

    12 Jul 2017 Administrator

    Thanks for the report.

    1. Air Commander - we're still ironing out the HQ placement issues. Suggest you don't use "Create HQ" for now.
    2. They should not be spawned in the air - please provide a vanilla unbinarized SQM and we will take a look.
    3. Again, need a repro SQM


  3. Not exactly sure how to provide the mission SQM. If I save un-binarised and then go into the folder I presume it will be there and I can supply it via something like Google Drive ( which I have)?

  4. Yep, that's right. Something like C:\Users\<username>\Documents\Arma 3\missions\<mission name>\mission.sqm

  5. Ok. Here is a bare boned test and supplied mission SQM. ( Below >G Drive link) Camp Rogain with a company sized objective.
    Issues -
    Poor placement of additional HQ asset. (No option to add offsets?)
    Vehicles ( and other bits?) sometimes spawn badly and end up ballistic. Map marked where this happens.
    No Supplies spawning

    These problem occur when playing from the editor. The vehicles in the air ( bouncing /exploding) don't always seem to happen.
    The HQ placement always seems to spawn on top of and interfering with existing military assets.

    Running Vanilla A3 with Alive + CBA.

  6. I should have put the player higher for a better view.


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