Transport Respawn Issues

  1. 11 months ago

    Hello All, I Place A Crewed UH-80 Synched To Combat Module. I Have Code In Init For Textures, And Opening Doors Etc. When The Chopper Respawns It Does Not Load Init Back Up. If I Place A Module Instead Of Crewed Vehicle It Works Great. But I Cant Use A Trigger To Check If EngineOn Or Not. If Anyone Could Help Me With Either Of These Problems I Would Appreciate It Greatly!


  2. Please post the code that you're trying to run. Also, capitalizing every single word doesn't help readability much. :)

  3. Sorry bout capitalization (habit). I have tried everything I could find searching. Right now I have placed the Transport Module, and in its code line I have "null = [this] execVM "UBER.sqf"; this addeventhandler ["respawn","_this execVM 'UBER.sqf'"];" And in my UBER.sqf I have
    "_vehicle = _this select 0;
    _vehicle setVehicleVarName "";
    _vehicle setVehicleVarName "UBER"; UBER = _vehicle;
    _vehicle setvariable ["CS_TYPE","TRANSPORT"];
    _vehicle setvariable ["CS_CALLSIGN","UBER"];
    _vehicle setFormation "WEDGE";
    _veh = [UBER] execVM "Doors.sqf";
    _hdl = [UBER] execVM "heliDoors.sqf";
    clearWeaponCargoGlobal _vehicle;
    clearMagazineCargoGlobal _vehicle;
    _vehicle setObjectTexture [0, "Images\Ghosthawk_Night1.paa"];
    _vehicle setObjectTexture [1, "Images\Ghosthawk_Night2.paa"];
    0 = ["AmmoboxInit",[_vehicle,true]] spawn BIS_fnc_arsenal;
    CAS attachTo [UBER, [60, 500, 100] ]; "

    Everything works host side, but anyone that is client side textures are default. I have tried setObjectTextureGlobal....I have tried a ton of different ways that I have found searching internet, I have found nothing that works. Any help is very appreciated!

  4. Edited 11 months ago by marceldev89

    The code stuff for manually placed vehicles not working on respawn should be fixed in the next ALiVE release.

    As for the textures not working, you're supposed to do

    if (isServer) then {
        [_vehicle,[0,"Images\Ghosthawk_Night1.paa"]] remoteExec ["setObjectTexture,0,true]
        [_vehicle,[1,"Images\Ghosthawk_Night2.paa"]] remoteExec ["setObjectTexture,0,true]

    as is explained on :)

  5. @marceldev89 Thanks again for the reply, I pasted the code exactly as you have it in my sqf, And Textures do not show up on either host comp or client comp. I appreciate your help!

  6. Seems I made a typo.. missed a quote :D


    if (isServer) then {
        [_vehicle,[0,"Images\Ghosthawk_Night1.paa"]] remoteExec ["setObjectTexture",0,true]
        [_vehicle,[1,"Images\Ghosthawk_Night2.paa"]] remoteExec ["setObjectTexture",0,true]
  7. @marceldev89 OMG! This Worked! I just had to add ; at end of each line and it worked perfectly. You don't know how many days I've spent on this.
    Thank You Very Much


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