setVariable ["ALIVE_profileIgnore", true]; help

  1. 11 months ago

    I need help with using the _vehicle setVariable ["ALIVE_profileIgnore", true]; line of code.

    airDropVehicle = createVehicle ["LIB_C47_skytrain", getMarkerPos "insrt", [], 0, "FLY"];
    publicVariable "airDropVehicle"; // send this variable to all computers

    _grp = creategroup west;
    _crw = "LIB_US_pilot" createUnit [getMarkerPos "insrt",_grp];
    {_x moveinDriver airDropVehicle} foreach units _grp;

    Thats how im spawning a plane.

    what doesn't work.
    airDropVehicle setVariable ["ALIVE_profileIgnore", true];
    _grp setVariable ["ALIVE_profileIgnore", true];
    _crw setVariable ["ALIVE_profileIgnore", true];
    {_x setVariable ["ALIVE_profileIgnore", true];} foreach units _grp;


  2. Vehicles/units/groups are only profiles when they are spawned by ALiVE. Spawning them manually doesn't profile them by default.

  3. Edited 11 months ago by wormydowg

    But my plane worked fine before i put in ai commanders? and now my plane is always trying to land.

  4. Edited 11 months ago by wormydowg

    You are right, ummm..... so like i decided to wait and see what my plane does... And the pilot landed, got out, and then decided to repeatedly shoot me..... even though we are on the same team?!? oh, Thats what that west part does in my code....... Lol thank you for your fine time.


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