Questions Regarding Insurgency

  1. 11 months ago

    Hello again, back with a few questions regarding insurgency missions.

    1) Do I need to manually add technicals for the LOP_ISTS faction as they have technical groups but I've never seen any spawn in asymmetric mode.

    2) What does one do once you've detained and arrested an insurgent who's blending in with the population?

    3) Finally how does one manage the hostility levels, I sort of understand what the wiki is telling me but what are the proper ways to deal with civilian hostility? I've never seen it lowered.. (Hell I've seen it increase after I blew up a recruitment center.)

    In regards to my BLUFOR commander is there anyway to stop it from going straight for the center of the map because of high priority objectives? I'd prefer if the commander would target nearest settlements and slowly make a sweep of the map instead of running deep into enemy territory to get to "high priority" towns.

    Thanks for giving me almost over a year of awesome missions by the way!

  2. Oh I just realized something, I think it's my squad's presence there that made the civs hostile because as soon as I left the area hostility dropped by a large amount.


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