Error in addon builder with ORBAT export

  1. last year

    When I attempt to turn my exported faction from the ORBAT tool into a pbo file, I get the following error in Arma's addon builder:
    "Build Failed. Result code=1
    CfgConvert task failed.
    File (...) \addons\test\autogen.hpp, line 1414: /CfgVehicles/O_FINRG_Unarmed_01.EventHandlers: Undefined base class Eventhandlers
    Config: some input after EndOfFile.
    Error reading config file (...) \addons\test\config.cpp
    Class destroyed with lock count 1"

    I have tried to search the forums and check the wiki, but to no avail. This is my second attempt at using the ORBAT tool and despite using the same approach for both, even if this time it was far more extensive, I had no issues with the first one.

    I appreciate any sort of help with sorting out this issue, thanks.

  2. What faction are you attempting to convert? I have had issues with Project OPFOR and have basically decided that it isn't worth it.

  3. My plan was to build a Finnish civil war setup with the red and white guard as two separate factions, this is my red guard faction. I used an iron front soviet soldier as the first template, made him into a unit called "unarmed" that I used as a template for the rest of the infantry units. I might have been going in over my head though.

    While I have not used project opfor for well over a year, I specifically remember them being good to use with alive as they stand, but perhaps things have changed.

  4. Well that should not have created an issue as I think the iron front mod is good to go. However you might want to reach out to @SpyderBlack723 and see if he has any ideas.


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