Insurgent faction for Malden?

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    Hey all,
    So I'm working on an insurgency mission on Malden and cannot for the life of me decide which faction to use as the Asymetric force... As far as mods go, right now I have RHSUSAF, RHSAFRF and Jarrad96's Marine Raiders. At the moment I have Jarrad's Islamic State playing the part of the insurgents but it's more of a placeholder. Any ideas of what a good bad guy faction on this terrain would be? Normally I would use Project OPFOR but the lack of different types of units within some of the factions is kind of turning me off. Any ideas welcome :)

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    Although I’m trying to ween myself off of RHS (and Project OPFOR too for that matter) completely, if you want white dudes with balaclavas and stuff, instead of middle easterners, RHS GREF faction rhsgref_faction_nationalist isn’t too bad. Not sure what good civs would be though. Guess if it’s warm out and you don’t mind polo shirts, vanilla civs could work.

  3. I was beginning to lean towards GREF. May I ask why you are wanting to move away from RHS?

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    Because they follow their own rules regarding how they group factions and with every RHS update there stands a chance it might break compatibility with ALiVE. They also use their own damage values which means they may or may not be compatible against other mods that use stock values (such as CUP), and I’ve also seen instances where RPG AI units won’t use their RPG’s, I’ve seen units not follow waypoints in Zeus, and other stuff like that.

    When I want to play, I want everything to work and not have to guess. This is just my own personal opinion so please don’t take that as a knock against all their hard work. They are very talented it’s just they tend to do their own thing which IMO isn’t necessarily a good choice for a video game.

  5. Gotcha. I guess I didnt know all that. I keep telling myself I need to just stick to cup because I absolutely love Auburns VCOM OPFOR mod. The RHS stuff just seems to be higher on visual fidelity and other features. Ultimately I think what I need to do is create my own faction with one or the uniform mods and cup stuff.

  6. Auburn does amazing work. His stuff plus CUP is an ALiVE dream come true. No promises, but there may or may not be some more goodies coming. ;)

  7. I follow him and yourself on the workshop. Ya both make supreme goodness. Hopefully soon I will have my own offering to throw into the mix.

  8. Thanks for the kind words and good luck with your mission!

  9. Thank you kindly :) on a side note... can you think of a map that hasn't gotten a decent ALiVE treatment from the community yet? I want to offer something that is at least a little different from what is available now.

  10. Well the better question is what’s a decent map that’s also ALiVE compatible that hasn’t gotten much love, and off the top of my head I can’t think of much. Hmm. Some great maps just have terrible performance so just aren’t worth it IMO (Diyala and Taunus), and others I don’t know too well. Hmm. If I think of any I’ll let you know.

  11. Thanks dude.


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