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    Fri Jun 23 17:48:29 2017
    H HeroesandvillainsOS posted in New ALiVE Tutorial Videos.

    Excellent job on this!

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    Fri Jun 23 05:20:57 2017
    H HeroesandvillainsOS posted in Map Indexing.

    @Burdy323 you're on fire! Good work!

  3. Fri Jun 23 04:35:46 2017
    H HeroesandvillainsOS posted in Malden Index.

    No need. Soon means soon in this case. Just hang on tight.

  4. Thu Jun 22 23:43:59 2017
    H HeroesandvillainsOS posted in Mission Templates.

    @kovyV I will do that, side question, is 3CB Logistics built into alive? If not, how much extra work do I need to do to set it up?

    3CB supplies all work perfectly as far as I can tell when using ALiVE's Logistics. Regarding their resupply points for helicopters and vehicles (two separate objects they call "servicing point objects"), they are included in the 3CB mod as objects you can just place down in the editor. Then just drive near the object, or fly near the object, and with the engine off, when you open the scroll wheel options you will have the option to rearm/refuel/etc. It's sweet. I wish all mods had this.


    They have something for "logistics" too but I honestly haven't tried those or really know what they offer that the servicing point doesn't.

    Oh and to the guy that asked for me to use a Tanoa whiteboard map in the showcase, because today's platform update included one, I just added it. :) The link above for the mission links to the updated version.

  5. Thu Jun 22 22:52:25 2017
    H HeroesandvillainsOS posted in Mission Templates.

    @kovyV Could you post/share the script? Also, when using the drop supplies part of logistics menu, it never actually drops RHS supplies, only vanilla stuff. Like I select RHS, still drops vanilla


    Ok I know this is old but it works perfectly. THAT SAID, please try using the resupply vehicles included in RHS and see if they are coded to work (example: See if ammo vehicle can rearm an RHS vehicle).

    1. This would be more rewarding IMO

    2. Although the script works flawlessly, it's always better to use as few outside scripts as possible.

    I've been on a big 3CB kick lately so I haven't had a chance to check if RHS is working for logistics items. Can you confirm, if logistics are set to faction only, that selecting an RHS item (such as an ammo crate) indeed does deliver a vanilla item? This shouldn't be happening.

    Can you try again and let me know?

    If so, please open a new thread.

  6. Thu Jun 22 20:55:30 2017
    H HeroesandvillainsOS posted in Decent Middle Eastern Map.

    I won't impact civs spawns. Or at least I doubt it. But it will according to the author fix the issues with buildings blowing up too easily and other things like that.

  7. Thu Jun 22 20:12:08 2017
    H HeroesandvillainsOS posted in Mission Templates.

    Those are crates for you to use vanilla rearm/refuel/repair/medical. Bare in mind, I very rarely use vanilla resupply and generally use community made repair/refuel/rearm scripts, but I wanted to keep the showcase free of any outside stuff (ALiVE CBA only) so I put the objects there.

    For instance, the ammo and fuel trucks, with drones, they will rearm and refuel automatically when the drones are driven near the trucks. Mortars I think will rearm automatically too when an ammo truck is nearby.

    I haven't tried the crates myself (again, I rarely play vanilla so I'm new to this part), but I'm assuming they function the same way as the trucks (drive a truck nearby, it will refuel/rearm/repair/etc).

    At least I'd assume.

    I'm not sure if RHS resupply vehicles will do this though (this is why I use a script when I use RHS). And I highly doubt vanilla supply trucks/crates will work with RHS assets. You will want to check. 3CB has logistics resupply objects included in their mod which is amazing! No outside scripts necessary if you ever want to play as the Brits. You just place the resupply objects down where you want your helo's and vehicles to replenish. It's very sweet!

  8. Thu Jun 22 18:12:32 2017
    H HeroesandvillainsOS posted in Mission Templates.

    I'll have to look at it (I make a ton of missions so it's hard to remember lol). Off the top of my head, I intentionally don't sync BLU to some of the Syndikat obj modules, because I want the player to do the bulk of the fighting to the east (where the insurgency is), and call in groups through Logistics or Operations as they see fit. Nothing kills a buzz more than not having anything to fight because BLUFOR AI groups are already everywhere. I give BLU a bit more leeway in the south (where CSAT is) though.

    Pretty sure I used the same logic for BLU vs CSAT too. For balance, this is BLU 70 vs CSAT 50(ish) vs Syndikat 50(ish).

    If I allow BLU to attack every objective for either side at will, they would (or at least could) clear and claim the objs for themselves and not leave much for the player to do. Am I making sense?

    What I'm saying is, if I let all 70 BLU attack the CSAT area, for example, they could feasibly overwhelm them and the mission would be boring as shit. Though more realistically, they would just be everywhere and they would be constantly interfering with the players and that really isn't fun to me. I want BLU to attack just enough to keep the fighting "even," but leave enough in reserve incase you need them over in Syndikat territory or vice versa.

    I use similar approaches in my other missions as well. Especially in full blown insurgencies (example: allowing friendlies only to attack MIL objs so players can fight in CIV objs uninterrupted unless they manually call in for help, etc).

  9. Thu Jun 22 17:28:29 2017
    H HeroesandvillainsOS posted in Mission Templates.

    Which mission did you download?

    Yes for sure. Go to Armaholic and grab this tool:


    In your Arma 3 folder in Documents, inside your username folder, make a new folder inside "Missions".

    If this is my Inshallah mission, name the folder Inshallah.Takistan or if it's the Tanoa Showcase, name it something like ALiVE_Showcase.Tanoa

    Place the PBO in there.

    Open PBO Manager. Find the folder path to the new folder you created. Right click on the mission PBO, scroll down to where it says "PBO Manager" in the right click menu options, and select the option to unpack the PBO to the current folder path.

    You can now delete the PBO or remove it from the folder if you want. All the mission files will be inside the mission folder.

    Open the game and the mission should now be available in the editor for the map the mission is on.

    If you edit anything and want to pack the mission back into a PBO. Open PBO Manager, find the folder path for the mission, right click on the entire mission folder, scroll down to PBO Manager in the list, and pack the folder into a PBO.

    Then place that PBO in your normal Arma 3 root folder MP Missions folder (steam\steamapps\common\arma 3\MP Missions), and now the mission can be played like you would any MP Mission.

    I'm writing these directions on the fly. Not at my PC. If something isn't clear let me know and I'll PM you better instructions when I get home. Or I can send you the unpacked missions directly if you want.

  10. Thu Jun 22 16:20:24 2017
    H HeroesandvillainsOS posted in Decent Middle Eastern Map.

    Well I'll be damned. JBAD is apparently getting an update soon. :) Workshop page has confirmed maybe within a week. Nice!

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