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  1. just now
    Mon Feb 27 22:13:56 2017

    Yeah the examples are epic: https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.urbandictionary.com/define.php%3Fterm%3Depic%26amp%3Dtrue

    Lol at the most overused word next to fail. :) I used to post Operation Sports a lot and at one point they banned "epic" through their filter as a swear word because everyone was using it to describe everything.

  2. Mon Feb 27 22:02:16 2017


  3. 3 hours ago
    Mon Feb 27 18:55:50 2017

    Thanks a lot HH, that was very very useful. I appreciate you taking the time to break the mode down like that. It answered a lot questions I always wondered about.

  4. yesterday
    Sun Feb 26 21:49:28 2017
    H HeroesandvillainsOS posted in Saving troubleshooting.

    CBA needs to be rolled back no matter where you use it.

  5. Sun Feb 26 21:33:47 2017

    @Mannulus Do you put any infantry groups there using the Custom Module or leave it as an objective only?

    I personally use both options, depending on how many units are already on the map without the cust obj. Generally speaking, if I go to the trouble to hand craft a compound or a camp, I usually also want it to 100% have enemies there but if the mission feels good without them, keeping it obj only will give the place a "random" element. Maybe it'll have units, maybe it won't.

    Either are good choices. The important thing is that an objective is there.

  6. Sun Feb 26 20:58:52 2017
    H HeroesandvillainsOS posted in Saving troubleshooting.

    Can you successfully save a test mission with just ALiVE and CBA? Also note, the newest CBA is incompatible with ALiVE so make sure you roll back until CBA is updated again.

  7. Sun Feb 26 20:57:04 2017
    H HeroesandvillainsOS posted in simple server warning issue.

    There are optional compositions in the optionals folder in @ALiVE where you can (I think) add the Apex compositions. Not really sure why not having optional content would give you an error but according to Friznit it would be harmless and the compositions are completely optional. So if you want, you can safely ignore that message if I'm understanding right.

  8. Sun Feb 26 20:44:01 2017

    Another insurgency tip I would share would be that IMO, the default values in the Assymetric Commander module for simultaneous attack objs (10) and min civ recruit (2) cause the insurgency to grow too fast.

    Depending on what I'm after, for simultaneous objs I like 4 or 5 and for min civs I like between 4-8(ish). My personal opinion is that not adjusting these makes things get out of hand extremely quickly and the insurgents will repopulate like freaking bunnies with civ recruitment centers all over the place. You'll need to do some testing by debugging to find a good balance but I would absolutely recommend you tinker with these two settings, and also civ hostility and preplaced installations for the icing on the cake as well.

  9. Sun Feb 26 20:32:31 2017

    You can (and should) blacklist your bases (and/or bases or places you don't want units to spawn in) in the enemy mil/civ obj modules. And others too, like civ placement, etc.

    Place markers around the bases you don't want them spawning inside. Name the markers. Then put those marker names in the blacklist lines of the modules, separating them by a comma and no spaces.


    Blacklist line: Base1,Base2,Base3

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