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    Fri May 24 16:00:35 2019

    I hate it too. The answer is kinda. In the Military Logistics module you can set the reinforcement type to “static.” This means reinforcements will only spawn at the highest priority Military Objective, closest to where the Military Logistics module is placed in the editor.

    So, if you place a Custom Objective module with a 999 priority right on or next to the Military Logistics module somewhere away from your base, the spawn point should happen away enough from you where you won’t see it (or if they’re far enough to be virtualized, they obviously can’t crash in to each other then).

    Obviously they still need to deliver the reinforcements, so never seeing them and risking them crashing will probably be unavoidable, but the above should solve half your problem.

  2. Fri May 24 15:52:49 2019
    H HeroesandvillainsOS posted in Thanks guys!.

    Hey thanks for the kind words! I just forwarded this to the powers that be. I’m sure they’ll be thrilled to get such positive feedback. A lot of work went into this release.

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    Thu May 23 22:23:12 2019

    Whether you use a TAOR or just blacklist certain areas, what’s ultimately most important is not having opposing armies spawning in the same places at the same time on mission start. You may have seen some people do this, but we were told very clearly from one of our lead devs who designed a lot of this framework to never ever do this. If you see others do it, it is “wrong.”

    You want faction’s spawning in their own areas, then moving into the enemy area(s).

    You are more than welcome to have multiple TAOR’s, or TAOR’s covering every town if you wish, but I personally prefer to keep things simple. Less is always better when you can accomplish the same outcome with less.

    Filtering objectives is really a matter of fine-tuning. My understanding is, which may not be exactly accurate is, the commander places a priority rating for objectives. This filtering allows you to have him ignore small ones, or big ones. Whether that be physically small (size) or strategically small (priority).

    Again I may have some of the details here wrong, but I personally use these as a way to slightly increase or slightly decrease total groups spawns and total objective counts (less is better performance) when in the fine-tuning stages of mission making.

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    Thu May 23 17:12:16 2019

    @SpyderBlack723 @marceldev89

  5. Thu May 23 16:39:43 2019
    H HeroesandvillainsOS posted in Is Mogadishu indexed? (SOLVED).

    ^ Marcel means being able to use CQB and Custom Objectives on non-indexed maps. Not indexing Mogadishu. But yeah looks like in the not too distant future you should be able to at least place Custom Objectives and CQB on Mogadishu (or for that matter, any non-indexed map).

  6. Thu May 23 12:43:15 2019
    H HeroesandvillainsOS posted in Is Mogadishu indexed? (SOLVED).

    Unfortunately at the moment custom placements won’t work on non-indexed maps. And as far as I’m aware there’s no workaround to getting it indexed (though feel free to try if you want. You never know, maybe the issue was a me isssue).

  7. Thu May 23 01:21:32 2019
    H HeroesandvillainsOS posted in Is Mogadishu indexed? (SOLVED).

    No. I tried and the map if I recall would crash over and over during the indexing. I believe it uses some odd building pack which is probably the reason.

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    Wed May 22 14:48:30 2019
    H HeroesandvillainsOS posted in Problems with SP save. (SOLVED).

    Oh. Persistence for vehicles is tied to the player getting in and out of it as driver. Glad you solved this.

  9. Tue May 21 22:14:48 2019
    H HeroesandvillainsOS posted in Problems with SP save. (SOLVED).

    Hmmm. I might be wrong here but I’m almost positive our “local” saving option never saved grouped AI location. Fairly certain it only ever applied to the player unit.

    Sure you weren’t just using vanilla Arma saving before?

    Your player location should be saving assuming you have it on. I think that option is in the ALiVE Data module. But I don’t think anything you do can persist your bot locations because I don’t think our persistence ever accounted for it.

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    Sat May 18 14:52:28 2019
    H HeroesandvillainsOS posted in Issue with Civilian/insurgency spawn.

    @Easy Soon.

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