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    Wed Apr 26 23:56:43 2017
    H HeroesandvillainsOS posted in Insurgency - AI Drop Intel.

    They should. Are you using the default settings in the IED module? Are you using ACE or anything? Please try without any mods other than CBA/ALiVE and use the default IED settings. They should definitely be exploding.

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    Wed Apr 26 04:06:28 2017
    H HeroesandvillainsOS posted in Insurgency - AI Drop Intel.

    I was thinking of Hazey's mission, but unfortunately it's not working because it's old and needs to be updated. Some people have attempted to update it over on BI forums (take a look in Hazey's mission thread towards the end), but I have my doubts anyone has it working 100%.

    Sorry man. I never really got into that mission myself so I'm not sure and fixing it is not something I have the skill to do.

  3. Tue Apr 25 21:59:39 2017
    H HeroesandvillainsOS posted in Need to include military installations....

    Yeah. I feel your pain. Balancing objectives versus having enough to do is a real bitch. Just try to be patient. Good luck!

  4. Tue Apr 25 21:08:15 2017
    H HeroesandvillainsOS posted in Need to include military installations....

    What are your filter settings for objectives for the MIL Obj module? Try reducing them and see if the error goes away. For practice, try "do not filter" for objective size and priority.

  5. Tue Apr 25 19:25:03 2017
    H HeroesandvillainsOS posted in Need to include military installations....

    Does your TAOR include the area with the yellow MIL obj markers?

  6. 2 days ago
    Tue Apr 25 16:56:07 2017
    H HeroesandvillainsOS posted in Beginner Question - Civ. Obj. acting up.

    You can only use one faction in each mil/civ objective module.

    In the Commander module, you can define multiple factions for the Commander to control, but each faction needs their own individual objective modules.

  7. Tue Apr 25 13:18:33 2017
    H HeroesandvillainsOS posted in Profiled Warlords = Dead.

    This behavior is why I stopped using an end game trigger (I.E. Mission completes when all profiles from a side are dead). It was firing when profiles were still on the map, I'm guessing because of something such as the OPCOM cycle temporarily removing the profiles on refresh, or something, making the trigger think it should fire. Or something. :)

    Not sure if there's anyway around this if you insist on handing these units over to be virtualized.

    Why not manually place these groups, and give them creative waypoints, or random spawn markers? That definitely will work because they'll never be virtualized and you won't need to worry tapping into ALiVE's systems.

  8. Tue Apr 25 01:49:04 2017
    H HeroesandvillainsOS posted in Insurgency - AI Drop Intel.

    @timebomb17 It made a lot of sense, I already tried to do as you said AI commander, but I have 3 problems.

    1- Intel does not drop enemies (I did not try to interrogate civilians, does it work with the ACE menu?)

    It should. It feels more rare for me than 10% too but it works.

    2- I tried to put use the codes that you quoted above, but it does not generate any task. Need to put the C2ISTAR module?

    You need to place the C2ISTAR module. In the options, turn auto-tasks on and manually write your side and the enemy side in the force faction lines.

    3 - Can this task define the end of the game? Or are they only minor missions?

    Unfortunate no. Definitely not in an easy way or a way I'm aware of.

  9. Mon Apr 24 23:50:22 2017
    H HeroesandvillainsOS posted in Insurgency - AI Drop Intel.

    Conversely, what you could do, is make a regular insurgency mission using an enemy AI commander set to Assymetric, setting intel to often. Then setting installations to a higher setting.

    Then, set the Assymetric Civ/Mil obj modules to a small TAOR so they won't be spawning over the entire map.

    Then, when you interrogate/interact with civilians, you'd be pretty much guaranteed the intel would reveal installations. And the dead body intel when you did find it would too.

    The playable area doesn't have to be super small, but the larger the area, the further away from installations you'd probably be (Assymetric commanders tend to build installations closer to where the actual commander module is). This would still provide the element of surprise for you and your friends, without having to patrol an entire map to find things to blow up.

    You could make your base just outside of the enemy area, outside the TAOR in a safe place, then begin your patrol into the TAOR hotzone. Am I making sense?

  10. Mon Apr 24 23:45:49 2017
    H HeroesandvillainsOS posted in Insurgency - AI Drop Intel.

    Ok, so to select which tasks you want the mission to auto-generate, open notepad on your PC and paste this:

    waitUntil {!isNil "ALiVE_STATIC_DATA_LOADED"};
    ALIVE_autoGeneratedTasks = ["MilAssault","MilDefence","CivAssault","Assassination","TransportInsertion","DestroyVehicles","DestroyInfantry","SabotageBuilding","InsurgencyPatrol","InsurgencyDestroyAssets","Rescue","CSAR"];

    Then, let's say you only want the mission to generate sabatoge building tasks. Make it look like this:

    waitUntil {!isNil "ALiVE_STATIC_DATA_LOADED"};
    ALIVE_autoGeneratedTasks = ["SabotageBuilding"];

    Then save the file naming it staticData.sqf

    Now, make a new document in notepad and paste this:

    execVM "staticData.sqf";

    Save it as init.sqf

    Place init.sqf and staticData.sqf and place them in your mission root folder (the place where your mission.sqm file is).

    Now, when the tasks auto-generate, it will only generate the sabotage building task (though fair warning, this task can be a bit finicky about which objects it asks you to blow up on some maps. Test it a few times first before having your buddies play).

    I realize this is not exactly what you wanted, and doesn't require you to find intel, but you would have set objectives.

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