1. last year

    Morning All,

    Well making progress at last.

    How do you get to make each side not like another side, or 'like' another side.

    Is just by not sync the AI commander to the placement modules of the side you 'like'

    Or is it something else


    I want IND to be 'OK..ish with RED but 'hate' Blue

    If that makes sense

    Thanks, once again

  2. Well, with IND(Green) AI commander synced to both BLUE and RED placement modules. I am a Blue player and the IND just walked right passed me and did not attack.

    Must be missing something again!

  3. In the editor up top under settings, I think it’s general, you can select which sides IND is hostile towards. I think by default they are friendly to BLU so you’ll need to change it.

  4. Thanks...again :-)


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