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  1. last year

    Good day, i'm new to Alive and i'm running a dedicated server, Insurgency Alive. it's running all good, but i can't figure out why we don't get no Task, in the editor i set the task to auto generate task and then i get random task, but not in the dedicated server. I also add my server to the WAR room, is it something that i'm missing or don't understand about the task system. Thanks

  2. Hi im having a similiar issue, tasks were autogenerating, slightly messed up like it would say rescue a pilot and he would be 500m away from were it put the marker and then they just stopped working, this is on a hosted server

  3. I don't get no Task on my server, only in the editor

  4. @DesusaED see my reply on Discord

    @Amateur-God that task I believe is intentionally vague. The idea is you need to search the general area if I recall. When you say auto tasking stopped, what do you mean? Did you delete a task and fail to get a new one? Can you be more specific?

  5. @HeroesandvillainsOS we was getting tasks and doing them and then it just stopped generating new tasks so i restarted the server to see if that worked and its just not generating tasks anymore even after restarting the server

  6. @Amateur-God can you reproduce this with just ALiVE and CBA?


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