Tasks and Persistence Q's

  1. 2 years ago

    Hi all,
    Im very very new to Alive however not new to Arma mission making and scripting.
    Everything is working fine but I just have a couple of small issues with task generation and persistence.
    Any help is appreciated.

    1. Im finding tasks generating within my blacklist area. I do have the TAOR for enemy set to whole map but is their a way to blacklist tasks from that area?

    2. Tasks run for a fair period of time but after a while stop generating unless I disable and reenable auto task.

    3. Is it the norm to have auto restarts for persistence or is their another method that is used as restarting seems to restarting the whole mission over


  2. If you’re talking about a dedicated server, which is registered to ALiVE’s War Room, with the data module placed and set to cloud (and with persistence enabled in the modules that give you the option) you’ll need to manually initiate the Server Save and Exit option in the esc menu to save your progress. I don’t think you can limit auto tasking to specific parts of the map, and if you see tasks not generating, you’ll need to open a ticket on ALiVE’s Github and provide an ALiVE and CAB only repro mission.

  3. ok thank you, yeah persistence is working now. The tasks are stalling still unless I dis\enable them. I will do a report thx for your help


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