Directly Influencing Target Objectives

  1. 9 months ago

    We've been working for quite a while now to integrate ALiVE into our domination-style, capture-and-hold mission. We've found ALiVE to provide an excellent backdrop of ambient combat and a general sense of activity in our mission, but we're having a great deal of difficulty convincing it to cooperate with the user's efforts to capture and hold objectives on the map.

    Currently, we're using the profile-counting logic featured elsewhere on this forum to determine ownership for points. If side A's forces outnumber the other forces' combined presence in an area by 66%, we start ticking down a timer at the end of which side A becomes the owner of the point. We want these owned points to be reinforced in short order by the side's OPCOM so that points do not flip-flop continuously throughout the mission but may be held by a concentrated force. What method would best accomplish this? From what little documentation I could find, it appears that spawning a unit and relinquishing control to the OPCOM may result in that unit being re-tasked to another objective. Furthermore, ALiVE does not seem to recognize some of these points as valuable strategic objectives, I understand that the best solution to this may be to manually register these points as high-priority objectives for both sides, does anyone have an example of accomplishing this sort of behaviour?

    If I may describe our ideal situation, we'd like to have our selected objective areas be the _only_ areas that the OPCOMs of either side concern themselves with. That is, we want serious contention between BLU and OPFOR over our selected areas to the exclusion of other, default objectives.

  2. It occurs to me that the best way to accomplish this kind of behaviour may be to directly interface with the logistics support system in order to request reinforcements for static defenses. Does anyone know of a way to programmatically make this request without the ALiVE tablet interface? Been looking through the source for a method but cannot seem to locate it.

  3. DaveK, have you tested any different between using 'Occupation' over 'Invasion'?

    I'm currently an hour into a re-built scenario, with the friendly OPCOM now set to 'Occupation'. Because in my prior version (it was set to 'Invasion') I kept losing objectives I'd clear at the start of the mission, due to unit re-tasking or poor reinforcement...


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