Deleted old group and create new group

  1. 9 months ago
    Edited 9 months ago by XfireArmy

    Hi admin ALiVE mod
    i am delete my old group because i am use wrong name tag.
    now.. i create new group But stat not update.
    and i see in RPT log on my dedicated server @aliveserver it say [2018-01-11 03:54:01] [debug] Return value [['{"_id":"76561198126671655","_rev":"1-393a09d3f0e8048d4a243a97d5a6bfd0","username":"XFIREARMY","ServerGroup":"ATR","A3PUID":"76561198126671655"} name tag ATR is my old group. i don't have an idea to fix it. can you help me please.

    *sorry for bad english

  2. @Tupolov


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