Squad missing when player set as squad member

  1. 11 months ago

    Hi all, First of all, a massive thanks for creating this mod Its truly awesome.

    So i'm trying to create a mission just for myself where the player is set as a squad member and given waypoints by the Virtual AI Cmdr.

    I've created a simple mission just 2 AO's, 2 virtual AI Cmdrs, 2 objectives. All synced up as per the wiki
    Placed units are set to be profiled automatically, synced units are set to not be profiled.

    No other mods other than ALIVE and CBA_A3.

    When i place a squad without the player as a squad member
    -The squad is profiled and given waypoints. (Player was set as Zeus)

    However when i try the same with the player as a squad member
    - The player is profiled but not given waypoints.

    I've got screenshots Here

    and here if you need the mission file

    Huge thanks in advance for you help

  2. The player squad should never ever be virtualized (so therefore, ALIVE isn’t designed to give the player “waypoints,” turn on C2ISTAR tasking if you want tasks or make your own). Make sure you make at least one unit playable in the squad you placed and play as that unit.

  3. Thanks for the quick response,
    no worries will give it a bash.

    Thanks again


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