ORBAT - Undefined Base Class Error

  1. 11 months ago

    So after a while of lollygagging I am deciding to post here, now I'm sure it'll end up being some silly thing I missed but I am currently getting this error:


    I've tried a few solutions but I am looking for anyone knowing anything about why this is happening. I have a feeling the reasoning is that I used another faction as a template when creating this faction.

    If anyone has any answers I'd be more than greatful to hear them. Thank you for your time.

  2. I see a few posts asking about this. Unfortunately I don’t know the answer myself. I see there’s another ORBAT question too. @Tupolov and @AUTigerGrad if you have a moment.

  3. Also, I have another problem when it comes to respawning. So I use the basic ArmA respawning system, placing down a marker and naming it "respawn_west", I set up the Respawning, to select loadout, and the ability to choose which custom location you want to spawn on. Then I start the game.

    Once in the game I turn into Zeus via MCC and I go on Respawn->Loadouts and select my custom faction's loadouts, however when players spawn in, they spawn in as the template I used for that unit and not that unit itself. For example, instead of a French custom Medic, they spawn as a default NATO Combat Life Saver. I know this has something to do with the fact that the loadouts are applied after the unit has been spawned in as its visible when spawning units through Zeus. Does anyone know a fix for this respawn issue as well?

  4. AFAIK we do not support MCC use with ALiVE, so if that’s the problem, which I’d expect it is, I don’t think we can do anything for you here. It’s unfortunate but the two mods are known to not play nice.

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    Well MCC is not the problem, back then I didn't even use MCC when I got the respawn problem. I just use it now.

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    Ok. But keep in mind ALiVE doesn’t have a function built in to respawn/spawn units with specific loadouts, that I’m aware of.

    What are you trying to do, get units to spawn with ALiVE using custom loadouts, or is it for Zeus spawns with customs loadouts your trying to do?

  7. Do you know how you can go into the game as Zeus, and use loadouts in your VA and allow players to select them as respawn loadouts? Well, the same way you can select any loadout of any unit in the game and allow the players to select it and respawn as that unit.

    But when I give the players the option to spawn as one of my ALIVE custom units, they spawn as the unit I used as a template for that custom unit.

  8. The way you want to do this is to either set the loadout in the editor for each playable unit, or put a Virtual Arsenal box near where they spawn so they can load the loadout from there. I’m not aware of any way to do what you’re asking but maybe someone’s else will have an idea.

  9. Oh well, I found a fairly simple workaround, such is life. And I'd like to say I found a "Fix" of sorts for the above error, at least in my case.

    It's a big no-no to use ORBAT custom created units as templated for new ORBAT custom units. I just recreated the faction with NATO as a template and it worked like a charm, so in my case, you can consider this solved.

  10. Thanks! That to me doesn’t seem ideal so let’s not mark this as solved just yet. But again thanks for the report and solution.


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