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  1. last year

    I have managed to get singeplayer saving to work, at least with what little bit I have played with it (I am relatively new to Arma 3). It takes longer to save but I have not had a problem yet.

    Is this just a fluke or will I encounter problems as I continue to play a game?

  2. Vanilla BI saving? If the mission doesn’t have a ton of stuff, you’ll probably be ok. From what I understand the 64 bit exe should make the prospect of using vanilla saving more manageable, but as you are aware I’m sure, it’s still really not “supported” because we already have our own local profile and cloud db saving systems.

    If you absolutely need things ALiVE’s saving doesn’t manage, go ahead and try it. I don’t think anything “bad” will happen. Though if you don’t, and your mission really only uses ALiVE stuff, you may want to try ALiVE’s saving system instead.

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    I'm doing a rebel campaign on Sahrani (CSAT is opfor, FIA are rebels), using the redone map that has more interiors. I'm also using the 64-bit executable since it seems to perform better in general on my computer (Ryzen 2200 with about 8 gigabytes of RAM). I've got about 800 total CSAT on the map, and about 100 rebels. Careful placement of TAOR's seems to make it run smoothly. It's been tricky because the central land bridge with the city in the middle becomes a chokepoint where units bunch up.

    I'm primarily a singleplayer oriented gamer, and I like the GTA style gameplay that the asymetrical setup produces. I've also made an Unsung Special Forces campaign on the Lam Dong map.

    ALiVE is probably the most amazing mod I have seen for any game. I'm going to release my missions and if people want to mod them for multiplayer, that's OK. I don't quite understand the intricacies of multiplayer setup, though.


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