Spawning in Custom Compositions

  1. 8 months ago


    I have been using the Alive mod for a few years, and I have in the past added in custom spawn compositions with no problems, unfortunately I have read, re-read, watched videos, and for the life of me I just cannot understand what is going on now, it no longer works.

    I am using the latest Alive version (ALiVE_1.6.1.1804271), along with the Latest CBA version (

    The custom mod I am trying to create custom spawn compositions for is "There Is Only War Mod" which is a Warhammer Mod, and I have the latest version (Beta 2) just released.

    When I test the map, I get the regular troop spawns for ARMA 3 not the spawns for the mod.

    I also have used the ORBAT Creator to make sure that the mod is compatible which it is (ORBAT is not showing any incompatibilities).

    As I have mentioned above I have been doing this for quite a while (spawning in mod compositions) with no problems so this should be a walk in the park so to speak. I have also walked back a few versions of CBA just to see if there was something not quite right, and I keep getting the same results.

    I was hoping that I wouldn't have to come to your forum for help but I have tried everything. I would really appreciate it if someone could lend me a hand.


  2. Compositions had some changes a while ago that might be related. Perhaps check for some extra information. Other than that I've got no clue.


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