CQB module oddities

  1. 8 months ago

    I was playing one of my missions recently that is largely finished. It takes places on Stratis after the events in the game and it's supposed to have become a haven for smugglers and rebels. I noticed that there seemed to be alot of insurgents and friendlies in odd places. Not like they were garrisoning, but more like camping.

    I have thought about making missions without CQB, or toning down the numbers. I'm using VCOM AI and I wonder if VCOM plays well with ALiVE and garrisoning buildings?

  2. Make sure you use the new VCOM 3.0 so far it's look very promising, especially when it comes to CQB. I watched in Zeus the other night as the AI entered a building one of one of my squadmates who was on the second floor, the AI cleared the bottom floor then exited the building, then they must have noticed him because they moved back into the building, up the stair and schwacked him :P

    I've been using the CQB module less and less lately, I only look at it as something just to "top up" the number of enemies in towns, so I keep the values low.


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